Home Sports Pablo Laso receives the Álava Medal on the day of San Prudencio

Pablo Laso receives the Álava Medal on the day of San Prudencio

Pablo Laso receives the Álava Medal on the day of San Prudencio

Today the Álava Provincial Council presented Pablo Laso with the highest award it awards annually: the Álava Medal. As is the tradition on the day of San Prudencio, the deputy general of Álava has recognized the personal and sporting values ​​of this former player and basketball coach and has also highlighted his role as ambassador of the Álava Territory as well as thanking him for having proudly defended his Álava origin.

“Every year, when we award the Álava Medal, we feel proud to be from Alava. And we do it because we are aware that in our territory there are excellent people and organizations that we are proud of,” explained Ramiro González, “and today We feel that pride in recognizing Pablo’s personal and sporting values that he has broadcast throughout his career; an Álava who has served as a representative of our territory wherever his profession has taken him, always proudly defending his origins from Vitoria and Álava”.

Precisely one of those values, teamwork, has been one of the most prominent by the highest provincial president, “because the ability to work as a team and collaboration are fundamental in the sports field, but also for face as a society the challenges of the time in which we have had to live”. “That is precisely what Álava needs to face a future that will undoubtedly entail significant difficulties, but also numerous opportunities. The objective is shared: a more prosperous and fairer Álava”, the deputy general emphasized.

Pablo Laso, for his part, has admitted that it is “a real honor” to receive this medal, but also a responsibility, “the responsibility of representing everyone and all the people who accompany me”, with special emphasis on the importance of his family . “I have always boasted of my origins. I was that child who started playing at the San Viator School, with no other aspirations than to have fun and have a good time with friends; that later he looked at basketball as the means to get to play in his city team, Baskonia…. and that little by little he was achieving small goals until, probably, managing to be in competitions and games, that as a child he played imaginarily in the bedroom of his house”, he recalled in his speech that he has added assuring that “this award, personally, will be one more motivation to move forward and face new challenges”.

The man from Vitoria commented to the media that he hopes to work next year, although he did not reveal where. “My life is training and I will do it in the future,” he assured. Laso indicated that he did not watch the game between Real Madrid and Partizán, although he knew of the altercations that occurred during it. “The fact that you get a medal is more important to me than what happened yesterday in a match”, he commented. Regarding the Euroleague, he expressed that “there has been a lot of equality from the beginning.” “Olympiacos were the most solid at the beginning of the season and may seem like favourites, but with this format everything is open”, considered Pablo Laso.

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