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One-two for Red Bull KTM Ajo with Augusto and Masiá

Doblete del Red Bull KTM Ajo con Augusto y Masiá

One-two for Red Bull KTM Ajo in Moto2 and Moto3 in the purest style of last season. So it was thanks to Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez, who finished first and second in the intermediate category, Pedro Acosta and Jaume Masiá, coming out champion the first of Moto3. Now it has been through the work and grace of Augusto Fernández, who thus opens his locker of victories in the orange team, and Masiá, who repeats with his head more furnished than ever.

Augusto hadn’t won since Misano 2019 and has finally returned to winning ways. He spoke on Dazn: “It has been two hard years after such a good 2019, but we have never thrown in the towel, we have always believed that we could do it and that we could come back, and it has cost, even in this year in which it seemed that everything was going to start perfectly and even so it has been made to beg. We have also taken advantage of this weekend. I think I’ve felt very good since Friday and I didn’t even want to think about Sunday, that perhaps on other weekends I’ve thought too much about getting the result. In Qatar I also started the weekend very well, several front rows, in Indonesia and Argentina, and then I messed up in the race. I have disconnected a little more and we have been able to achieve it”.

The man from Madrid living in Mallorca had the detail of remembering Acosta, who led until his fall: “It was horrible. With Pedro at the beginning of the race it was a bit easier, because we were both pushing each other, he had a brutal pace in the beginning of the race. It’s a pity that he left, the track was difficult due to the heat and he must have slipped a bit from the front, the temperatures were higher than in the rest of the weekend. the race has come over. I lost concentration for two laps because when I saw that I was taking so much away from them and that Pedro fell, I wondered if the pace was too high for the conditions. I’ve had a moment of deconcentration but I’ve come back and I’ve tried to keep my distance. It has been very long, but in the end we have achieved it”.

As for Masiá, when telling him that this new version of him is scary, he replies: “I don’t know if it’s scary, but I like it. More than new, it’s the fruit of work, of doing things right, of believing it yourself. In the end, the head is what most influences the bike. I really enjoyed this race. We were strong. The pace wasn’t particularly fast, I don’t know if it was because the rain made the track not as fast. Anyway, as I often say, we are not the fastest but we are one of the strongest, so we have to enjoy this moment and keep gritting our teeth and rowing forward.”

Regarding his new regularity, with four consecutive podiums, he comments: “Yes, here we go, here we go. To continue in our line, to continue adding every weekend, which is what we are doing. And as I have already said, I am enjoying a lot on the bike, I look very strong, and that’s the important thing. And keep working. I don’t know how the others have gone. I’m happy with mine, and I want to thank once again the people who are there supporting me. When I fell in Argentina to those people who continued to support me, pushing me. So thank everyone and keep it up.”

And as for his change to the mint level, he says: “It’s not that I’ve clicked once, I’ve just been adding pebbles to the bag, everything adds up. We did not start the year in the best way, also in the tests it cost us a lot, in Qatar they threw us. The expectations are high, the driver, in a winning team, is going to win the World Championship or is going to fight for it, and it’s a bit complicated. In the end I have been adding, with my team, I have continued training, with my father, with my coach, always pushing, and here we are, enjoying this. I want to continue like this and for the next one to come, and the next one.”

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