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On the third day of Eid, there are dramas and TV movies on the small screen

On the third day of Eid, there are dramas and TV movies on the small screen

oath means joy, oath i mean Entertainment. This time of year, everyone breathes a sigh of relief when they leave their busy schedule behind. oathIn addition to spending time with family, relatives and the television screen Entertainment It has become one of the essential parts of human beings. As always, the television channels have also organized various events this time oathUl Fitr program.

oath Drama telefilm is one of the attractions of television channels on this occasion. This time also on different television channels oathOn the second day there are several drama television films. Let’s see on which channels viewers can watch dramas and TV movies.

ATN Bangla

Serial drama at 6:20 p.m.: Alal and Dulal.

Acting: Shamim Sarkar, Chazhi Alam, Shakh.
At 7.40 p.m. One Piece play: Chirkumar Sanwar. With Musharraf Karim and Tanha Tasnia.
At 8:45 p.m. a single piece: Last night’s matter.
Starring Yash Rohan and Nilanjana Neela.
At 10:30 pm musical performance: “Imran Show-Bakul also Chandane, Guner Bandhane”. Presented by Imran, Directed by Kabir Bakul. Chandan Sinha, Atiya Anisa, Muhim, Rajiv, Sabbir, Sinthi Saha, Ayan Chakladar, Kishore and others participated.
TV movie at 11:30 p.m.: Please don’t tell anyone.
Actor: Shamim Sarkar, Alankar Chowdhury.

Channel i

TV film at 2:30 p.m.: Dreaming Days. Apurba, Tasnia Farin in acting.
TV film at 4:30 p.m.: Bunoful. With Manoj Pramanik and Muftuha Jannat.
6:10 p.m. Chotakaku Series: Nakal Nakal Chotakaku.
7:50 p.m. Singles match: Abelaya. With Sajal Noor and Sadia Ayman.
Single match at 9:35 p.m.: Zamindars Pola. in acting Musharraf KarimTasnova Tisha


Talk show at 6 p.m.: oath Carnival. Safa Kabir is the guest.
Series at 7 p.m.: Three-letter names. Actors Chashi Alam, Nadia.
7.30 p.m. Singles match: Ex. With Yash Rohan and Tatini.
Singles match at 8:30 p.m.: Bari Barisal. Deputy Niloy, Himi.
9:30 p.m. Solo game: Blue shirt. Deputy Niloy, Himi.
Single drama at 11 p.m.: Chor Dakat Police. in acting Chanchal ChowdhuryTanya Rain.


TV film at 2:30 p.m.: Jhara Pata Note. With Zakia Bari Mom and Milli Bashar.
5:10 p.m. Musical: Song Chirantan (Alam Khan). Rajiv and Jhilik attend.
6.45 p.m. Serial drama: Pravasi Parivar oath especially With Pran Roy, Maymuna Mom.
7:55 p.m. Solo Drama: Ghar. in acting Mushfiq Farhan, Mahi.
At 9:30 p.m. a game: chess. With Niloy and Tanya Barshi.
Singles game at 11:50 p.m.: At least talk. With Khairul Basar and Safa Kabir.
Musical performance at 12:00 p.m.: “Our Song”. Milan Mahmood, Sadia Liza and others took part.


Concert at 4:45 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Individual drama: Nilav.

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