Old man plays football with a six kilo stone

The Ecuadorian Manuel Loor is 68 years old, he is known as “Cascarita” and not a centimeter of his body hurts when he throws a six-kilo stone in the shape of a ball, raises it to the highest heaven and receives it as if it was a feather behind his neck.

The stunned gaze of passers-by is immediate. The Ecuadorian manages to captivate in seconds more than one of the people who attend the South American Sub’20 matches in the Colombian city of Cali.

The applause sounds, while «Cascarita» takes the heavy sphere in his hand again and bounces a ball with his foot while a smile appears on his face, because he feels satisfaction knowing that he will win some money that allow him to buy the ticket to see his beloved Ecuador on the field.

He was born in Portoviejo, in the province of Manabí, and always dreamed of traveling the world playing soccer with the Ecuadorian soccer team, but an injury took him off the field.

However, that did not take his dream out of his mind.

«I wanted to be famous and score goals, I wanted to represent my country, but I couldn’t. What I did was take balls and start bouncing them, earn money with my ‘Cascarita’ show and walk all over the planet, I’m a globetrotter,” Loor told EFE.

The man came to the South American Sub’20 because he believes that there is a promising future in the nascent team, which is why he follows them as he has done with the senior team since 1983.

«I have my wife, a daughter and two grandchildren, but I always walk alone. This is the cost of love for the Tri. The managers know me, the footballers too, and where they are there I will be there, “says” Cascarita.

Suddenly, the white-haired man puts a stick in his mouth and with enviable agility lifts another ball up to his face so that it spins several revolutions, as if the goals were found in each of those spins.

Manuel does not know the distances. He has been present in seven editions of the Copa América and in six World Cup Qualifiers, he also came with his show to the World Cup in Brazil.

Many say that several stars of the Ecuadorian team are looking for it, since they consider that taking a photo with “Cascarita” is good luck. Such a love for the three colors of the flag is certainly a nice recharge before jumping into a match.

“I have traveled thousands and thousands of kilometers, sometimes not even because of this soccer fever, I feel that I must be next to them, and they next to me,” says the passionate fan.

Suddenly he puts away the ball and the heavy stone that have accompanied him for nearly 10 years on his journeys to get a giant four-meter shirt out of his backpack.

Ecuadorian yellow, blue and red do not fade, because he takes care of it like a treasure.

However, happiness is not complete for “Cascarita”. He could not attend the World Cup in Qatar due to financial problems, this time the distance hurt him a lot and the show on the street was not even enough for a plane ticket.

«I only want one thing: to see my Ecuadorian team become world champion. I have cried every time she loses, I have suffered when goals are scored, but I never tire of encouraging her, “says Loor, optimistic.

He grabs his backpack, collects the money he has earned, counts each coin and bill to see if it will be enough for the next ticket and jokingly leaves laughing.

«Until I have encouragement, I will accompany the Tri, I will continue doing my show and shouting the goals of each player. For now, I hope that the Government of Ecuador declares me an ambassador of good football and I die dressed in yellow, blue and red », he concludes.

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