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Oise: the prefecture plans to kill 3,000 foxes, associations are opposed

In the Oise, 3,000 foxes could be slaughtered next spring. In any case, the prefecture has launched a public consultation in this direction, as part of a draft decree aimed at “regulating” the population of these small mammals. Animal rights associations intend to attack the text.

Christophe Coret, president of AVES France (Agir pour le vivant et les Species Sauvages), denounces a “massacre” with the Parisian. He explains that his association, supported by others, had already canceled a first prefectural decree, published on July 23.

At that time, the text authorized the “harvest” of 1,370 foxes in eight sectors of the department. For its cancellation, the associations demonstrated that the execution procedure had not been respected. “It turned out that there had not been a public consultation but a simple announcement in the city council, details Christophe Coret. It is not legal “.

This battle won, AVES France had the bad surprise of seeing the prefecture propose a new decree even more ambitious than the first. Now there are 15 affected sectors instead of 8, and 3,000 foxes are targeted, compared to 1,370 in the first text. Not to mention that, this time, the prefecture operated according to the rules of the art, organizing a public consultation.

“Given that the population of foxes is large in the department, this species must be regulated as part of the sanitary control against alveolar echinococcosis (7% of the carrier animals according to an ELIZ study in the Oise), leptospirosis and scabies”, they justify local authorities. in your draft decree.

The prefecture plans to appoint 15 hunters, called “louveterie lieutenants”, to be in charge of the slaughter of these animals. Each will be responsible for killing 200 people in their sector before March 31, 2022. Technically, this prefectural decree can take effect at the end of the consultation, scheduled for August 23. But the associations have not had their last word: “We will attack the administrative court of Amiens”, promises Christophe Coret.

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