In the midst of a debate on gun control in the United States, Ohio has taken a controversial decision. The Republican governor of the state validated on Monday a law relaxing the carrying of weapons for teachers and school staff.

Legislation, passed three weeks after Uvalde’s bloody killings, eases the conditions under which teachers can come to work armed, reports CNN relayed by the HuffPost. The governor of Ohio, Mike DeWinen all the same specified that the school districts will have the last word on the conditions of carrying of weapons in the establishments.


A law criticized from all sides

Among the measures, the threshold of hours of training in the handling of weapons necessary for teachers has been lowered from 700 to… 24 hours. A change strongly criticized by the Ohio police unions, for whom this minimum is not sufficient to be really comfortable in the handling of a firearm.

The law has also been criticized by teachers’ unions and gun control activists. Opponents reiterated long-requested measures, including background checks on a buyer, banning the sale of assault weapons and raising the minimum age to buy a gun to 21.