‘Not bad if I say ‘Our Virat’, Rizwan’s statement is being praised everywhere

Pakistani batsman Mohammad Rizwan is getting a lot of appreciation for one of his recent statements. On May 12, in an interview, Rizwan described the entire cricket world as one family. He is being praised a lot for this statement from Rizwan. The ICC has posted his statement on its social media today (May 15). This ICC post is being shared a lot on social media.

During a conversation with a sports website on May 12, Rizwan talked about the good relationship between players from all over the world. He had said: ‘The whole cricket world is like family to us. If you are playing for Pakistan and your brother is playing for Australia, then of course you want to take him out because you are playing for your country. But this fight will be limited only to the field or we will be like a family. It would not be wrong if I say, ‘Our Virat’, or ‘Our Pujara’, ‘Our Smith’ or ‘Our Root’, I can say that because we are all one family.’

Rizwan is highly appreciated by social media users for sharing this statement. Some say that this player keeps winning the hearts of cricket fans every time while others say that he is the most loved cricketer.

Rizwan is currently playing in Division 2 of the county championship. He is included in the Sussex squad. Cheteshwar Pujara from India is his partner in this team. During the conversation about Pujara, Rizwan described the world of cricket as a complete family.

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During this, Rizwan had highly praised Pujara’s concentration. He had said that Pujara is also among the three hitters he considers the best in terms of concentration. Rizwan also said that he too has been taking some important advice from Pujara.

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