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Nobel wants to return to normal life

Nobel wants to return to normal life

Singer Mainul Ahsan Noble wants to quit drugs and return to normal life. He told this to the police. Singer Mainul Ahsan Noble, who was arrested for not going to sing at the event due to money, admitted his responsibility during police interrogation. Apart from this, he told the police that if the issue of drug consumption and beating his wife was brought forward, he would accept the complaint and want to return to normal life.

The interrogation revealed detailed information about who supplied drugs to Nobel. According to Metropolitan Detective Police (DB), Noble obtained a drug license with the connivance of some persons of the Narcotics Control Department in Bogra, with which he used to buy drugs and consume them regularly.

Noble gave such information during remand interrogation. DB officials said that during the interrogation, Nobel candidly admitted all the allegations and gave various information.

They said, after the court granted a one-day remand, singer Noble was interrogated regarding various allegations against him. During the interrogation, he admitted that he did not go to the program with the money.

When asked about this, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of DB Wari Division Moshiur Rahman said, ‘Nobel admitted to us the issues of drug consumption and misbehaving with his wife.’

He has not denied any of the allegations against him.

This DB official said, his difference with other criminals is that he is an artist. Because of this he has the desire to be reformed or better. It is certainly good if a virtuous person like him reformed and provided good entertainment for the society and the country.

In response to the question of who supplied drugs to Noble, he said, “He told us about the drug supply after his arrest.”

He said, ‘The drugs that Nobel used to take are taken by other people in this country with a license.

As far as I know, some people from the Narcotics Control Department in Bogra have arranged for him to get a license.’

This police officer also said that some youths like Noble have been given licenses in this way even though they do not have any disease. A license to consume drugs has been given only for the sake of intoxication. Nobel used to buy and consume drugs using license. He also has a few accomplices and some officials of the Narcotics Control Department in Bogra, who sell licenses when they get money.

Regarding the questioning of Nobel, Additional Commissioner of DB Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said that he admitted in the questioning that he did not go to the program with the money. Apart from this, he also admitted to beating his wife out.

Earlier on Saturday (May 20) morning, Noble was taken to the DB office after his arrest. DB arrested him in a case filed at Motijheel police station on the charge of fraud without going to the event with an advance of 1 lakh 72 thousand.

On May 16, a fraud case was filed against singer Mainul Ahsan Noble at Motijheel police station in the capital. In the case, the representative of ‘SSC Batch 2016’ of Vedarganj Headquarters Pilot High School of Shariatpur accused him of taking Tk 1 lakh 72 thousand without going to the event. Safayet Islam.

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