Home Entertainment ‘Missing Ladies’ author Sneha Desai talks about background artists

‘Missing Ladies’ author Sneha Desai talks about background artists

'Missing Ladies' author Sneha Desai talks about background artists

Kiran Rao’s film ‘Missing Ladies’ released in theaters today. This film full of comedy, drama and suspense is well received by the audience. Meanwhile, speaking to ABP News, the film’s screenwriter Sneha Desai expressed her views on giving credit to the people who work behind the scenes. According to Sneha Desai, she finds it wrong when those who work behind the scenes complain about why people don’t recognize them.

Sneha Desai said, “In my opinion, filmmaking has now become such a corporate structure that if you have worked in it and are bound by the contract, your money and credits are very clearly mentioned in it.”Most producers affect your credit score not. I have had a very pleasant experience in this matter.

Sneha further says, “When you’re not on screen, it’s obvious that audiences connect most with the people they can see.” Not many people know what processes go on behind the scenes and what work is done becomes. Therefore, it is somewhat wrong to complain that these people do not recognize us. It seems wrong because that’s the difference between on screen and off screen.

Sneha says, “We are recognized through our work, through our lines.” People who appear on screen are recognized by their characters and their acting. So I think there is a greater professional risk if you are a very good writer, if you have written great scripts, if your films have done very well and done business, then your name and your work, if not today, then heard by the audience tomorrow. It reaches.

“Missing Ladies” was filmed in the second and third Corona waves. In such a situation, Sneha also narrated an incident during the shooting. Sneha says, “When the shooting of ‘Laapta Ladies’ was about to begin, a day before we came to know that our DOP, cinematographer, had Covid, we were all very excited to know what will happen now.”

Sneha says, “We started filming with great difficulty.” Because the team has to go into quarantine. It’s a very disturbing feeling but Kiran Ji had done the workshops so well, rehearsed the scenes etc so well in advance that we were able to continue shooting even without the main DOP. He was in charge and the work didn’t stop anywhere, so everyone was under a lot of stress at that time. But when we all look back today, we certainly remember the difficulties we faced when we started filming.

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