Ministry of Labor receives the Movements of Domestic Workers

Ministerio de Trabajo recibe al Movimientos de Trabajadoras Domésticas

The Ministry of Labor received representatives of domestic workers’ movements from the communities of Pizarrete, Palenque and Yaguate, San Cristóbal province, with the aim of requesting in writing updated information on the status of the resolution that seeks compliance with Convention 189 of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and which will regulate the employment contract of domestic workers.

Through a document, they also requested that homework rooms be established throughout the country, where domestic workers can leave their children, after school, until they finish their work hours.

The delegation was received by the Deputy Minister of Labor for Trade Union and Business Relations, Sabrina de la Cruz Vargas, on instructions from the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps García, who was in previous commitments outside the institution.

The deputy minister explained that work is being done on the drafting of the aforementioned resolution, taking into account all the aspects agreed upon for the preservation of their labor rights.

“We are working on all points that range from wages, hours, breaks and working conditions for domestics, taking into account the comments received during the public consultation process,” he added.

De la Cruz Vargas reiterated that the application of the resolution on domestic workers will bring broad benefits to this sector, historically forgotten, that seeks to dignify and improve its quality of life.

He argued that the Minister of Labor is personally committed and it is his priority to guarantee the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution and in accordance with ILO Convention 189, to formalize domestic work.

Participating for the Working Women’s Movement were Luz Eneida Mejía; for the Pizarrete Workers’ Association, Lillíam Pérez Arias; likewise, by the Yaguate Women Workers Association, Moraima Sierra Sierra and by the Palenque Women Workers Association, Natividad Valdez.


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