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Milei adopts the profile of a statesman before assuming the presidency of Argentina

Milei adopts the profile of a statesman before assuming the presidency of Argentina

Today will be the day that Javier Milei never dared to dream of. The leader of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) receives the presidential sash and becomes the new president of Argentinaand breaks with the long-standing political tradition, which was dominated by Kirchnerist Peronism, without brackets.

The new president will be sworn in at the headquarters of Congress, where his predecessor, Alberto Fernandez, will present him with the Albiceleste sash of the President of the Republic. Milei will say it there First speech as head of state, awaited with great anticipation and between doubts about what profile he will present, the inflammatory one on which he based his success as a candidate, or the more moderate and seemingly more realistic one that he has since adopted Election victory on November 19th last year.

As a newcomer to the political arena and at the head of a newly founded party, Milei promoted his and his candidacy to appeal to younger voters with radical and controversial proposalslike the suppression of central bank, the introduction of the dollar as the official currency, the return to the criminalization of abortion and even the legalization of the sale of organs.

Milei explained in the war against the “damned political caste” of Argentinawhich he compared to “excrement” and branded Pope Francis a “representative of evil on earth” and “idiot” and accused him of “affiliation with murderous communists.”

But that Milei seems to be somewhat domesticated. As president-elect, he is aware that he will need the support of the right-wing faction led by the former president Mauricio Macri In order to bring his management to a successful conclusion, he has included prominent personalities from Macrismo in his team, such as: Patricia Bullrichwho will be his security minister, although he was called the “murderer” when both rivals were in the election campaign, or Luis Caputowhom he sharply criticized as Macri’s minister and who Ministry of Economic Affairs, certainly the most important department for his massive liberalization and privatization plans.

In an apparent attempt to adopt a statesmanlike profile, Milei has multiplied his international contacts since his election; Also with the Pope, with whom he spoke by telephone and whom he invited to visit Argentina Next year.

Milei held discussions with international leaders including the US President, Joe Biden and the French, Emmanuel Macron, among others. Even with his lover Donald Trumpthe former American president whom Milei admires, but who This is not expected at his inauguration.

The president-elect also softened his tone towards him China. Although he had threatened to break off relations during the election campaign Milei publicly thanked the Asian superpower for the congratulatory letter he received from his leader. Xi Jinping.

Milei began his diplomatic actions before he took office. Last week he traveled to Washington accompanied by his team Meet with President Joe Biden’s Latin America advisor, Juan Gonzálezand the Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian Nichols. There he expressed his willingness to integrate Argentina into Washington’s sphere of influence.

His staff held meetings with the Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)a key organization in any economic recovery plan for Argentina, as it is the country’s main lender.

Currently, some international leaders have already confirmed their participation in Milei’s swearing-in ceremony. The king Philip VI from Spain will attend, as he usually does when a Latin American president takes office. The presidents of Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Ecuador have also confirmed their participation and the Ukrainian is being counted on Volodymyr Zelensky, according to local media. He offered to hold a peace summit in Argentina about the war between his country and Russia. TO Donald Trump They are not expected. Also the Prime Minister of Hungary, the ultranationalist Viktor Orbántraveled to Buenos Aires to attend the investiture ceremony and also meet with the former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

The biggest absences will be the presidents of Colombia and Brazil. Lula da Silva declined to participate after receiving insults from the libertarian and Gustavo Petro He openly showed his opposition to the new Argentine president.

The biggest unknown will be his first presidential speechin which he should already leave some keys to his plans as ruler.

At the moment this has turned out to be the case Milei wanted to make some symbolic changes to the event. Contrary to tradition, he will receive the presidential sash on the outside steps of Congress, as is customary in the United States, and not in the House chamber, so that the new president can share the day with his supporters, whom he has encouraged to come with the national flag . From there he will march towards Casa Rosada in a parade that has not taken place since Fernando de la Rúa’s inauguration in 1999. The Milei era will have begun.

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