Mi Store: Xiaomi’s official store in Portugal presents payments with cryptocurrencies

In Portugal it is now possible to buy a Xiaomi mobile phone with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dash or Token Utrust. This is the new bet of the Mi Store Portugal stores, the result of the alliance established with the Portuguese company Utrust.

Through a press release, the management of the Mi Store Portugal stores announced that from now on, purchases in Mi Store Portugal are inclusive and complete. The statement is based on the possibility of buying Xiaomi devices using the cryptocurrency of your choice or the most favorable, such as

You can buy a Xiaomi mobile phone with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dash or Token Utrust

Mi Store Portugal becomes one of the first stores dedicated to technology to allow payment with cryptocurrencies. He does so after analyzing the market before joining Utrust, a Portuguese company selected for Finlab.

According to the statement, the management of the Mi Store stores realized that “this was the most reliable and secure company. The obvious choice so that all purchases made with cryptocurrencies were accurate and adapted to each Mi Fan.”

Unprecedented initiative delimits Mi Store stores in Portugal

It should be noted that Utrust is a cryptocurrency payment service provider. Thus, this collaboration opens the range of payment possibilities for consumers and helps to demystify and simplify purchases with cryptocurrencies.

Utrust is a Swiss-based cryptocurrency platform

“Xiaomi’s motto is” Innovation for all “. This motto is echoed, every day, in the head of all the elements of Mi Store. The brand’s motto alone justifies this strategic action. We want absolutely everyone to have access to our products. In the way you want, when you want and with the best possible experience, knowing in advance that each client perceives the experience differently. That is why we want, and have, a wide range of options, not only in terms of products, but also in terms of payment methods. We are a technological, innovative and disruptive brand. That is why we always want to be one step ahead, we want to give the possibility to all true fans of technology to buy their favorite gadgets with what is currently “the most technological money”. Utrust was the obvious choice for this association. Because of the great maturity and credibility they already have in this sector, and because of the trust they transmit to all customers ”, reveals Pedro Maia, Head of Marketing.

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Utrust guarantees easy and totally safe purchases. It does so with most cryptocurrencies and tokens, offering flexible solutions that allow the user to choose the preferred currency. This is so you can make the most of the benefits of each.

Another guarantee that Utrust gives is to simplify transactions. Eliminating third-party elements that would make them slower and more expensive, making this type of payment as easy and fast as reading a QR Code.

Plus, with Utrust, even returns were easy if something went wrong with Utrust’s armored protection system. Utrust takes cryptocurrencies and turns them into fiat dollars for clients.

If a refund is required, Utrust buys cryptocurrencies at any price in the current market and sends the buyer the same dollar amount that they initially spent. this wants him Speed the market has gone up or down. So there is no volatility, by ensuring that the buyer receives the same amount with which he paid. If that market value corresponds to lower or higher crypto values.

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