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MediaMarkt-Saturn has Temu in its sights

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MediaMarkt-Saturn will continue to rely on this Omnichannel strategy, but without losing sight of the Chinese application Temu from which you want to learn and be inspired. In addition, the company will soon also produce Uber deliveries in 90 minutes. «We continue to invest in city centers and will continue to be present in the future. That’s why we’re always looking for new locations“, It says Karsten Wildberger, CEO of the parent companies Ceconomy and MediaMarkt-Saturnin an interview with the media Der Standard.

The company has Over 400 branches in Germany and over 50 in Austria. In this context, MediaMarkt-Saturn wants continue to invest in physical points of salesince he is of the opinion that “they are still profitable«. «In the Netherlands this works very well in retail. Investments are made there in cleanliness, accessibility and good parking options. There is a real mix of shops and restaurants, lots of places to stay and a different awareness. It also works in Germany. We have beautiful city centers, but there is often a lack of inspiration“explained the CEO.

Presence on all channels

In this sense he emphasized it Presence on all channels. «We have to offer customers what they are looking for on all channels. Customers have higher expectations and want to be able to engage with our brands in physical stores, and we need to meet themWildberger repeated.

For his part, the CEO has admitted that he is watching this with interest Expansion of Chinese online shops like Temu. «Many of the Asian companies rely heavily on social commerce. They specifically sell their products via social networks like TikTok and other platforms or use influencers and we can learn a lot from that.or,” he emphasized. However, he has claimed: “The implementation of the regulations must be guaranteed When importing, sustainability and the supply chain must be guaranteed. We need the rules of the game to be the same for everyone«.

Wildberger insisted Importance of omnichannel strategy of the company and does not believe that it is more difficult to attract customers to physical stores, but that “The combination of offline and online business works well. 38% of customers who pick up online orders from physical locations end up making a purchase«. In parallel, according to the CEO, “Technology will have an increasing impact on people’s lives, so the development is very positive for us«.

Agreement with Uber

On the other hand and after recently announced agreement with UberStarting next April, MediaMarkt-Saturn customers will have the opportunity to do so Receive your online orders in just 90 minutes. First, the new service It will be available in around 200 stores in the most important cities in Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf, via “immediate delivery” to your home, office or, for example, directly to the train station. By the end of this year, according to the company, the German markets will be networked across the board. This new service was made possible thanks to the Integration of Uber Direct into MediaMarkt-Saturn’s digital channels.

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