Maximum alert for Rafa Nadal’s preparation for Roland Garros

The Swiss tennis player was concerned about the current state of the Spanish

Since last January, Rafa Nadal has been completely inactive due to a grade 2 injury to the iliopsoas in his left leg and it is for this reason that your participation in Roland Garros has become a mystery for the Spaniard, but also for Roger Federer.

It would be very hard for tennis if Rafa Nadal was not in ParisI saw that he resigned from Rome, so I wish him the best and Djokovic hasn’t played much either so I hope he also arrives strong, like the rest of the youngsters who will play, but I will continue at Roland Garros”, Roger stated.

Nadal Roland Garros
The manacorí is still in suspense to participate in Roland Garros

Rafa Nadal’s future for Roland Garros is still unknown

Toni Nadal also spoke on this subject. “Rafa Nadal will not arrive with a good preparation at Roland Garros. We do not have to fool ourselves, because obviously, since January 18, he has not played games ”. The next few days will be essential for Nadal to make a firm decision.

The tennis player has not played an official match since January 18, when he was injured and lost in the second round of the Australian Open against the American Mackenzie McDonald. One of the anecdotes of these days is that Carlos Alcaraz left the bottles on the ground, just under his bench.

Through Twitter, a video of Alcaraz was known that has become a trend

This gesture says a lot and it ended up unleashing madness on social networks due to its resemblance to Rafa Nadal’s ritual. “I can’t believe what I saw! Alcaraz accommodating the bottles…” or “Does Alcaraz now copy the mania with Nadal’s bottles?” were some of the most notorious comments on Twitter.

The video was shared with the following message: “Taking habits from the greatest”. It has been a trend. Nadal has always been characterized by having a series of routines: short steps, the gesture of collecting his hair behind his ears and touching his nose, placing the bottles, some actions that are less media coverage.

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