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Marvel Rivals: NetEase introduces its direct competitor to Overwatch, armed with MCU heroes

NetEasethe Chinese video game giant, today unveiled its next free game Marvel Rivals; a 6v6 shooter on PC that will feature the heroes of the MCU.

Marvel Rivals – NetEase / Marvel

Direct competitor to Overwatch, Marvel Rivals was revealed today through a first rich and dynamic trailer. The studio has not yet announced a release date, but a closed alpha test will take place in May. The starting lineup will include a limited number of characters, initially 18: Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Spider-Man, Storm, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Iron Man, Magneto, Magik, Namor, Peni Parker, Luna Snow, Peni Parker, The Punisher and Loki.

Marvel Rivals – MARVEL / NetEase

Marvel Rivals will feature playable maps from iconic MCU universes such as Asgard, Tokyo 2099 and Knowhere, with destructible and transformable locations. Characters have specific synergies to launch devastating special attacks like Iron Man and Hulk or gain HP and defense like Rocket and Groot.

Marvel Rivals – MARVEL / NetEase

NetEase announced that Marvel Rivals will expand over the seasons to include new playable characters, cosmetic items, and cards. In addition, the game’s story will progress in lockstep with these seasons, which will mark a new chapter in the history of MISTER are revealed for the associated season and are all written by the studio team.

Marvel Rivals – MARVEL / NetEase


In this multiverse, Doctor Doom and his future self from 2099 are engaged in a terrible battle that causes countless universes to collide in the tangle of time streams. To prevent things from getting worse, heroes and villains from across the multiverse must put aside their differences and come together to save the world as we know it.

This will be the Chinese studio’s first Marvel game for PC Marvel Super War And Marvel duels will be released on mobile devices, but is exclusive to Asia.

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