Home Sports Marcos Mauro accepts an exotic offer to leave Cádiz CF

Marcos Mauro accepts an exotic offer to leave Cádiz CF

Marcos Mauro accepts an exotic offer to leave Cádiz CF

The Argentine defender could not find a stay at the Cadiz club, not even with the new coach

central defender Mark Mauro, has made the decision to go out on the Cadiz CF and head towards another league. The determination is given for sporting reasons, and that is that the player only accumulated 243 minutes in the first half of the season. The defender did not have the confidence of Álvaro Cervera, and apparently neither of Sergio Gonzalez.

The Argentine’s agent has confirmed that the new league where his client will play will be in the Mexican soccer first division or better known as the MX league. Ricardo el Tuca Ferretti awaits him there, who currently directs the FC Juarez. The Brazilian coach has been asking for a defender of international stature, and the directives have pleased him.

Marcos Mauro says goodbye to Cádiz CF after 5 seasons where he played 99 games and scored 6 goals.

On his arrival at the Cádiz bench, Sergio González does not give the ok to Marcos Mauro

The new coach of the Cadista team has evaluated the performance of all its players, starting with the goalkeepers and ending with their forwards. In the analysis, he has determined the continuity of some that were ruled out by Cervera, and of others that counted for the outgoing coach. However, the Argentine has not been able to get out of the discard lot, and Sergio has given him the final blow.

In this way, the defender has had to reactivate his plan which consisted of leaving the club if Cervera continued in office. The Equatorial Guinean has been dismissed and even so he has had to make the decision to step aside. The 31-year-old defender tried by all means to stay in LaLiga Santander, but he had no offer.

This is how a 5-year career at Cádiz ends and a new challenge begins for Marcos Mauro

The former Huesca arrived at the Cadiz squad in the 2017-18 season, when the team was in the second division. It was precisely Cervera himself who proposed his signing to the sports management, since the player’s performance at Villarreal B was very good. When he arrived at Nuevo Mirandilla, he quickly gained the confidence of the coach where he won the title in a few games.

Marcos Mauro struggled with everything during the first three seasons, and finally found consecration in the course of 2019-20, achieving the long-awaited promotion. His numbers in the Cadiz club accumulate 99 games, where he managed to score 6 goals. The player says goodbye to the Cadista institution after 5 outstanding years, and heads to Mexico for his next challenge.



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