Madrid loses faith in the arbitration structure

More than indignation, that also, VAR decisions in El Clásico make Real Madrid blushwho believes it is urgent to regenerate the arbitration body of the Federation (RFEF) because they consider it contaminated by the ‘Negreira case’. They point to a play as a paradigm of what happened at the Camp Nou, and it is not exactly Asensio’s goal. At Real Madrid they wonder why the VAR did not enter into Gavi’s attack on Ceballos without the ball, with the score 1-1. “If the VAR was created for this type of play, to reach where the referee cannot reach, to penalize violent actions without the ball: why didn’t they notify the referee of that play?” Madrid sources say.

But beyond a specific play, The basic problem in Madrid is that they have stopped believing in the arbitration structure of the RFEF, and more specifically in its president, Medina Cantalejo, whom they do not consider in a position to fix things. By extension, The doubts reach Luis Rubiales, who was the one who put the Andalusian former collegiate in charge of the CTA.

The fact that Asensio’s play is not used as the main example of what it is to use VAR on a whim does not mean that there are no serious doubts about the behavior of all that refereeing and technical gear in the Mallorcan’s goal. Madrid believes that the only image that was served in the transmission, which is not as clear as a spring dawn, is not the only one that is valid. They have done their checks and there is another frame (microsecond between one image and another) in which Asensio is in a legal position at the moment the ball leaves Carvajal’s boot. But that frame was not used, but the following one. “Choosing the frame also has its art, and depending on who chooses it, one thing or another comes out. VAR decisions have always fallen on the same side for a long time ”. Madrid considers the play “serious, because it is a Championship goal. It went from 1-2 to 2-1 in the final stretch of the game. They entered there in the same way that they did not enter Gavi’s ”, they insist.

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