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Madame Web: Sydney Sweeney will play the first Spider-Woman in live action of the Marvel universe

The spin-off movie Spiderman, Mrs Web, should officially stage Spider Woman, which will thus make its debut in a live action film. One of the most mysterious films in the Sonyverse’s Spider-Man universe is Madame Web, which features dakota johnson in the role of the heroine. Based on set photos and production videos, Madam website will apparently be some sort of prequel, supposedly set in the early 2000s. dakota johnson is the headliner of the film, Madame Web called on many actors whose characters have not yet been revealed.

Sydney Sweeney - Mrs. Webb © Sony Pictures

Sydney Sweeney – Mrs. Webb © Sony Pictures

One of them is Sydney Sweeney, the Euphoria star, who is rumored to be would have been chosen to play Spider-Womanmore precisely the version of Julia Carpenter. After several months of silence and rumours, Sydney Sweeney has officially confirmed that she will play Julia Carpenter in Madame Web. In an interview with Total Film Magazinethe actress broke the silence on having obtained the role of one of the iconic Spider-heroes of marvel, while unveiling his dynamic with his future colleagues, by sharing the following:

I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to talk about it. I can’t wait to be alongside the girls I’ve toured with – Dakota, Isabela and Celeste. We had so much fun together. And I’m really excited for the whole world to see this movie, which is going to be full of badass women.

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