A total of eight wrestlers got their tickets for the Santiago de Chile 2023 Pan American Games during the qualifier that concluded on Sunday in Acapulco, Mexico.

In addition to the eight places for the Pan American wrestling tournament in Chile, the Dominican delegation won seven medals, including one silver and six bronze.

In the Greco-Roman style they qualified for the 2023 Pan American Games Johan Batista, silver medalist in the 87 kilos; Enyer Manuel Feliciano, bronze in the 67 kilos; Carlos Alberto Adames, bronze in the 97 kilos; Leo Dalis Santana, bronze in the 130 kilos, and Maikel Josefa, who won the extra fight for the place in the 60 kilos category, since he lost in the repechage for the bronze.

In freestyle, they qualified for the 2023 multisport event Yessica Oviedo, bronze in the women’s 68 kilos; Álvaro Rudesindo Camacho, bronze in the 65 kilos, and Luis Miguel Pérez, bronze in the 97 kilograms.

The Wrestling Championship in Acapulco, Mexico, was the second qualifier for that discipline, which awarded four tickets per category.

The third and last championship that will deliver the remaining places for the wrestling tournament of the Pan American Games in Chile will take place in May of next year in Argentina.

Lázaro Lazo, Hansel Ramírez and José Arias made up the delegation as coaches, while Enrique Minier was the director of the technical team.

Rafael Balbuena Hurtado attended as a delegate, while Rosaura Bautista Núñez attended the event as referee.

The Creole representation was made up of six women and 11 men in the Greek and free styles. The Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile will be held from October 20 to November 5 of next year.


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