Lucas Tronche: this new track that could explain his death


Missing since March 18, 2015, Lucas Tronche, 15 at the time, has long remained untraceable. His body was finally found on June 24 in Bagnols-sur-Cèze (Gard), near his family’s home. The results of the examination of his cell phone have been released and investigators have come up with a new hypothesis on the cause of his death.

“Nothing in this partial examination allows to know more about this day: no meeting, no meeting, no threat or particular project”, entrusted a source close to the file to the Free noon.

According to the regional media, investigators now favor the trail of the accident during a walk undertaken by the young man. The thesis of the intervention of a third party recedes

On June 24, bones and several personal effects were found along the wall of a difficult-to-access cliff, not far from Lucas Tronche’s family home.

Aged 15, he disappeared on March 18, 2015 after leaving his home to go to a swimming lesson in a neighboring town. His brother, whom he was supposed to meet at a bus stop, had tried to reach him but his cell phone was cut.

“Try to continue from now on, without him”

“It is impossible to favor one track over another,” said the Nîmes prosecutor at a previous press conference. The cause of death could “just as well be an accidental fall, a voluntary act of throwing oneself into the void or an altercation,” he insisted.

The personal effects found on June 24 and 25 near the bones, less than a kilometer from the home of the teenager’s parents, in the countryside, in the middle of vines, between a farmhouse and a rock wall, were a back, a jacket, a watch and sneakers.

Investigators knew that this area was frequented by Lucas, the prosecutor had then specified. The teenager, passionate about geology, came there to look for stones he collected.

“The discovery of a body that could be that of Lucas seems to us to put an end to these six years of research but also of hope”, then declared on Twitter the parents of Lucas, who have not yet reacted Thursday. “Today is the time for silence. This silence, which was deafening in the past, is necessary to allow us to collect ourselves, to try to appease ourselves and to continue from now on, without it ”.


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