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Atlético has hit the table in the transfer market. If in the summers after each title there had been the loss of fundamental pieces in Simeone’s scheme, The League champion sought by all means to maintain his spine and not let any untouchable go out without a replacement Despite the many offers that came, in the case of Trippier.

But, in addition, the rojiblanco team covered each march with a level player and could put the icing on the horn with the express wish of Simeone throughout the summer: the return of Antoine Griezmann. It was against the clock, about to collapse due to the difficulty of the operations on the last day, but finally it was possible to produce an incorporation that further enhances the mattress attack, even if for this he had to say goodbye Saúl. The fifth top scorer in the club’s history will once again wear the red and white shirt (133 goals) and joins De Paul, a differential player and empowered after his brilliant Copa América, the young Cunha, champion of the Olympic Games and with a huge future at 22 years old, and Lecomte, that covers the loss of Grbic, like the four new faces of a project that wants to continue growing and conquering high levels.

A short squad, of only 21 players (Saponjic is 22, but it doesn’t count for Simeone and he may still end up dating.), but with maximum internal competence and first-rate pieces in all positions. Oblak will continue to guard the goal in search of becoming the first goal that reaches the five Zamoras and will have in the bedroom a Lecomte who had been starter in his two seasons with Monaco. The central line continues to have only four specialists despite the fact that Simeone usually uses three at the start. Savic, Giménez, Hermoso and Felipe will be in charge of closing the rear, with the option of re-forming at any time with two or of use Kondogbia or Vrsaljko in that position. The Croatian does not seem to have a place in the right lane, where Trippier is indisputable and Llorente his first replacement when English is not available.

The left wing is fully offensive, although there is always the resource of throwing Hermoso to the side. Carrasco will return to exert like lane, a position he polished last season despite the fact that he can always return to more offensive positions. Lodi will have to grow in that position, already without Saúl’s versatility in the squad. And from the center of the field onwards, Atlético will be full of quality and talent. Koke can play the pivot role or get closer to the area, leaving Kondogbia or Herrera guarding their backs. De Paul wants to be important from day one and in its premiere as a starter, it already left an attendance. Llorente is a cannon in attack and Lemar is going through his best moment, indisputable for Simeone at the beginning of the year.

And for the forward, Griezmann completes a luxury line. Suárez as the only pure finisher, Cunha being able to exercise at the top or behind the Uruguayan and Correa putting his overflow after starting showing his best version, with three goals and an assist in three days so as not to lose an iota of the relevance that has been gained with sweat and effort. João Félix, already recovered from his operation, will put the talent from the second row, being able to get closer to the center of the field to generate football. A top-level attack and a squad with versatility per flag that will allow Simeone to have multiple variants and it will force him to eat his head to make his onces. Griezmann has taken the last leap in quality to be able to dream about everything.

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