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Lewis Hamilton, full-time driver and singer in his free time

What you need to know:

Lewis Hamilton was close to taking part in Top Gun Maverick with Tom Cruise, but his schedule with Formula 1 was the obstacle.

Lewis Hamilton Not only is he a good Formula 1 driver with seven championships, he is also a singer, believe it or not. A few years ago he recorded a song Christina Aguilera titled “Pipe”although he did so under the pseudonym XDNA with the intention that the criticism relates directly to his vocal power and not to his work as a pilot.

So Ferrari will have it in 2025probably one of the most promising duos in the starting field and also for the most musical with Charles Leclerc as pianist and Hamilton as singerBoth found a way to express all the pressure of the track musically.

As you read the note we leave you the song, so you can hear Hamilton’s voice for yourself.

Lewis Hamilton’s pseudonym

Several years Hamilton worked in the music industryIn fact, he has a recording studio in his house where He has spent much of his time writing and recording songsHowever, it seemed like it was just a hobby.

But everything changed when her identity as a singer was revealed in 2018 with the release of “Pipe,” recorded under the name XNDA It didn’t take long for some fans to notice a certain similarity between the singer’s voice and that of the F1 driver.which started with the rumor that the multiple champion was behind this pseudonym and therefore had no choice but to accept his identity.

I avoided recognizing that it was meI do not know why, maybe because of insecurities, fearbecause he thinks too much, which I think happens to a lot of people.”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton in Brazil
Lewis Hamilton in Brazil

The revealed identity behind XNDA

Initially, Lewis decided to keep his identity secret for two reasons. The first because He wanted criticism of his voice to be completely independent of his work as a pilot. and the second because I felt insecure, I was afraid for example, what people might say about him not focusing on the clues ‘Wasting time’ in other things.

It wasn’t until July 29, 2020 that Hamilton finally accepted that he was behind XNDA: “Well, I mean XNDA is me and I feel a great honor and gratitude that Christina has given me a place to use my voice. “I am very grateful for what she has done in music and I respect her very much.”.

Lewis Hamilton in collaboration with Major Lazer / Photography @MAJORLAZER

And since then there has been speculation that the release of Hamilton’s first album is closer than ever, but as of yet that hasn’t happened. The next time we would see Lewis in his musical role was in 2022, when Major Lazer announced that they would be making a special appearance where he would be playing none other than the banjo.

Yes indeed, Several artists have praised Lewis’ voice, one of which is Will.I.Am and Craig David. They both agree that not only is he a good pilot, but he also has a voice worthy of the music scene. Although there is no release date or even an estimate for Hamilton’s album, Do not rule out that it could surprise us with its introduction at any time.

Did you like Hamilton’s song or do you prefer him behind the wheel on the track?

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