Las Palmas guarantees money if Álvaro Valles decides to leave

For every team that asks about the Sevillian goalkeeper’s services, the answer is the same: they refer to his clause, although Helguera explains that they are open to negotiations.

The sports management of UD Las Palmas does not mince words and confirms that the signing of Álvaro Valles will come at a high price. Specifically, the equipment you want the services of the talented goalkeeper You have to pay your clause or at least a large part of it. Luis Helguera, sports director of the yellow club, confirmed this.

Álvaro Valles’ contract with the Pío Pío club is signed until 2025, but a clause for 30 million euros weighs on him. Since the goalkeeper will only play one more season in this year’s summer market, the Canary Islands team has stated that negotiations will start at 15 kilos.

EGD Las Palmas
Valles’ clause is worth 30 million euros, but due to his contract until 2025, negotiations will start from 15 kilos. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

Las Palmas want Álvaro Valles to move on, but if they pay the price there is no reason to keep him

On the one hand, there is the fact that the great goalkeeper will remain in the Canary Islands team for at least another season. The desire will become more relevant if they manage to qualify for an international tournament, with the Conference League being the closest.. The Yellows are currently 4 points behind seventh place, occupied by Real Sociedad.

But if any team from LaLiga or any international league pays the price that Las Palmas If you include him in the negotiations, there is no excuse to keep him. This must be clear to García Pimienta, who is already thinking about signing a goalkeeper equal to or better than Valles. The money that the corner goalkeeper will leave in action will be available to them for this purpose.

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Betis has not yet disappeared from Álvaro Valles’ environment

The process for the Sevillian team to have the money ready, at least the minimum negotiating limit required by Las Palmas, is simple. If they want to offload Rui Silva, selling the Portuguese would be the perfect formula to get the sum. The 30-year-old goalkeeper currently has a contract with the Green-Whites until 2026.

The Portuguese goalkeeper’s value is estimated at 15 million and the ideal would be that Betis manages to complete the sale for that amount. However, we must remember that the other goalkeeper, we are talking about Claudio Bravo, will retire at the end of the season, so the Heliopolitan team will have to find something Another relief that this time will be in case Álvaro Valles is unavailable.

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