Laporta drops Barça’s interest in signing Morata

Joan Laporta appeared on the microphones of #Vamos in the preview of the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The president of Barça was confident in his own and praised Xavi Hernández for the work he has done to date. In addition, he answered yes Morata it is a goal to reinforce the lead. Despite not saying it literally, from his words it is understood that it is an option and in his gesture, that he is one of the great favorites to become the third winter reinforcement of the team.

Morata: “We are trying to reinforce the squad. There are some options. We have incorporated Alves, who has shown us his character. We have a young group with talent. We are working to see if something else needs to be strengthened. We think that the more players with a goal let’s have better. I also want to say congratulations to the Federation for the organization. “

Demonstrate day: “We are going to play the best game in the world. We have strength and talented youth. It is a good time for these players to show that Barça is back”

Araujo: “Commendable. Yesterday I told him that thanks for the effort. I hope he can perform at the highest level. He is going to leave everything, he always leaves his soul.”

Ferran: “We are very satisfied that he can play. The club has worked well. We are all looking forward to him filming. He improves the squad and he is ambitious. We came together on the plane and the truth is that he is seen with enormous enthusiasm . We already knew yesterday the possibility that he was a starter. We are expectant and excited “.

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Are you scared of Madrid ?: “I respect the rivals. It is the best game that can be played, but I have confidence in the team. We have young people who have not felt the pride of winning a game of this level. That is why I am so looking forward to this game. We have many chances of winning by the strength of youth. “

Xavi’s balance: “We did not start well and there was a change of coach. Now, he has all our confidence. He is optimistic and has many resources. He is our coach and we are very excited about him. We are doing everything possible to satisfy his demands. He has quality, a winning character and knowledge to play soccer. It gives us great confidence. “

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