A few days ago I brought you an article about what KODI is, what it is for and where to use it. Today I bring you one of the great topics of the KODI community, the builds.

To begin with, a build is nothing more and nothing less than a complication of add-ons and configurations made by the author. This compilation is made with the intention of sharing everything the author thinks your KODI build should contain! And so that when you install it, everything is operational, since there are add-ons that require some extra configuration to be fully operational.

Most builds have something that sets them apart, whether it’s a simpler theme or a bolder one, or even a more detailed selection of wallpapers, this is so you want to use it. Below you can see a small gallery of sample build images.


What do build authors earn?

Until now I have not used paid builds, so I deduce that most of them are free, there are always those who try to profit, but if you go to the official source they will surely not charge you anything!

Should I use a build?

If you are new to the world of KODI, don’t understand much or don’t have time to configure certain plugins or if you know that the build will give you what you need, yes! This way you have access to a series of contents that usually take hours to configure, not to mention exclusive add-ons in some builds. Also exclusive IPTV lists, a series of content that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

How can I get a build?

Well, normally whoever makes these compilations usually has a Wizard where to put them, there are already and they are not few, and we also have great constructions made by tugas and I already tell you that all the work done by them is to be praised. You only have access to your wizards and you will be satisfied! You have one of the great wizards, like the ares wizard, where you will find a nice list of builds! For Portuguese constructions, and as I said the work done is fantastic, you can find them at Wizard/repository [R]evolution.


The installation is simple, a few clicks will take care of everything and in the end you have to make a force close, that is, close the application completely, and if it is on Android devices, it is recommended to force the application to stop or restart the device.

Built by Robert-Silva-1.jpgBuilt by Tiago-Duarte-1.jpgBuild-FTV-1.jpgBuild-Minions-1.jpgBuild-Tomb Raider-V2-1.jpg