Klarnaa world leader in retail banking, payments and shopping services, has announced the main results of the initiative “Reciprocal Love”, as part of its commitment to be a growth partner for the fashion sector in Spain. With “Mutual Love”, Klarna has brought together more than 40 small and medium-sized firms from our country, in order to help them increase their brand awareness, and build a community of loyal consumers around them and offering a flexible, convenient and secure payment option.

This selection of national brands includes youth design firms such as maria paschal; of sporty urban What Born Living Yoga, meller Y hoff; feminine design in a formal key as apodemiasignatures such as children’s fashion such as Bobolispecialists in certain garments such as socks jimmy lion and many more.


To this end, Klarna has organized a multi-media campaign, including online advertising, advertorials, social media, the Klarna App and customer database, and other channels of the companies themselves. In addition, they have collaborated with 18 well-known influencers, among which are Aina Simon, Alexandra Navarro, Clara Kong Y Alexander Wolf. These profiles have not only helped boost their visibility, but have also provided tips for consumers on how to combine clothes and gave them guidelines and beauty routines. As a result, the campaign has obtained a total of 45 million views, 59% more users and 137% more volume of its web visibility for brands.

Daniel Espejo, Country Manager of Klarna in Spain, explains: “at Klarna we know of the enormous talent that exists in the fashion industry and the importance it has for the Spanish economic fabric: it represents 2.4% of GDP according to the Economic Report on Fashion in Spain from modaes.es. That is why We have been collaborating with the sector for some time with initiatives such as our participation in Madrid Es Moda and MBFW Madrid. Now, with “Reciprocal Love” we want to focus on emerging firms, key to revitalizing retail. Thanks to Klarna, they are prominently available in one place and our users can enjoy all the benefits that Klarna brings to them, such as splitting the cost of their purchase with no fees or interest on all of their products.”

For her part, Jimena Von Knobloch from the firm Apodemia, comments: “Thanks to Klarna, from Apodemia we will be able to get new clients who want to opt for an installment payment system. But, in addition, for us it also means being able to adapt to customers in the most correct way possible, because thanks to Klarna’s payment flexibility, we are one step closer to achieving this. In addition, for us it also means having a greater capacity to adapt with respect to customers, since we better understand their needs and generate an easier, faster and more fluid online shopping experience.”.