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Juan Roman Riquleme: "Vidal and Cavani were born to play for Boca"

The vice president of Boca, Juan Román Riquelme, affirmed that the Chilean Arturo Vidal and the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani “were born to play in Boca”although he remarked that “it is difficult for it to come true”, while he set a date for his farewell match at La Bombonera.

“Many years ago there was no talk of Boca as it has been in recent months: this is the first time that there is no mention that Boca has to bring reinforcements. We are very happy with the players who came to our club, they are all very committed,” Riquelme told ESPN.

In addition, he noted: “Vidal was born to play for this club. From there to what we can pay, that’s another thing. Cavani was also born to play here. Who does not want them with the Boca shirt? But it is difficult to make it a reality. We also have a full quota of foreigners.”

We are happy with the campus. These are star players, first level, that one always dreams of having, but it is difficult for them to come true. We will always take great care of our club. It seems that we repeat that we took on a club with debt and that’s the way it is, today we’re fine and hopefully at some point we’ll have to bring in that kind of player,” added Riquelme.

As for his tribute, the former hitch said: “When I put on a shirt again, it will be when I say goodbye here. At the end of the year, it’s time to do it, it’s been a long time. Eight years have passed, I hope I don’t miss the ball.”

Finally, Riquelme He referred to Carlos Tevez and his intention to start his career as a coach: “I sat down with Carlitos and told him that he couldn’t leave like this, that he had to say goodbye on the court. They hadn’t been putting him on and the journalists considered him retired. I separate things, idols have to be taken care of. When he said he didn’t want to continue, I gave him a big hug and thanked him for everything. If now he starts as a technician, I wish him luck“.



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