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Joalin, the Finnish artist with a Mexican soul who will make you naughty

Joalin, la artista finlandesa con alma mexicana que te hará sentir sassy y sanará tu corazón

Joalin is a 22-year-old artist who was born in Finland but spent her youth surrounded by the heat and Latin American flair of Playa del Carmen in southern Mexico.

In an interview with PlayGround, he told us about this multicultural experience and how it influenced the way he creates his music.

“I feel like Mexico is normal for me and Finland is different (…) there was always a lot of music, a lot of noise, the people are very friendly, the food is delicious… it’s very different from the country where it is is.” I come from the area where I live now. “He’s very calm,” he said.

His love for Mexico is noticeable not only because most of his songs are sung in Spanish, but also because you can feel the Latin and reggaeton vibes in all his melodies from the first second.

“It’s a very different music than the music that people, especially in Latin America, are used to, because even though I grew up in Mexico, I have this very strong Finnish side, which is cold, melancholic and gentle, but that Me too.” Warmth and the love that comes from Mexico,” he assured.

The Finnish artist assures that her music is a “perfect” mix of hot and cold.


Joalin didn’t always know this would be the direction of her career, in fact she had been dedicated to dancing for most of her life.

She was part of a multicultural pop group called Now United, where she performed as a dancer.

“I met people who took me to the studio, I started making music and I’ve never felt like anything fulfilled me so much. I’ve been dedicated to dancing most of my life and dancing has given me a lot of fulfillment, but music, I don’t know, I feel like it’s given me a new life,” he said.


In her new single “La Chica-cá” Joalin continues those Latin influences that make you want to get up from your seat and dance, but not in the usual way by jumping around your room like crazy (me) , but in a melancholic way, subtle and even dreamlike.

She invites you to accompany her on her journey of vulnerability, learning from mistakes, letting go and simply flowing. The message Joalin says to all those people going through the same process: Oh, listen to my song!

“We learn from mistakes and we won’t always know how to do everything well, but we can always learn from our mistakes.” Not everything is a mistake. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean it was a mistake. There are just things that shouldn’t stay that way for a lifetime. “They have their time,” he said.

Sassy, ​​heartbreak and cold are the words the artist uses to describe this new piece.

Joalin is confident that 2024 will be a great year to create new music “on a different level”; “La Chica-cá” is just the beginning. Laughing, he tells us: “And what else awaits me? I hope he is waiting for me, I don’t know, my husband, I hope to find him this year.”

You can listen to “La Chica-cá” now on all digital platforms.

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