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January was a record month for crypto, these prices rose the fastest

XRP, terra luna classic en deze crypto stegen 't hardst in 3e kwartaal

2022 was an extremely bad year for the crypto market, but the first month of 2023 turned out very differently. January 2023 was not only the best January ever, it was also the best month since October 2021 for prices. The total market capitalization of crypto rose about 26% in the last 31 days from $800 billion to $1.008 trillion. Which cryptocurrencies performed the best last month? We list them for you.

Bitcoin up 39% in January 2023

Bitcoin (BTC) touched nearly $24,000 this week, but has since fallen back below $23,000. However, on January 1, the BTC price was only just above $16,000, which means that the price has risen by no less than 39% in January.

Ethereum is up 32% in January

Ethereum (ETH) underperformed Bitcoin last month, which is exceptional. There is speculation the upcoming ‘Shanghai’ update, which will allow withdrawals, will make investors wary. Nevertheless, the ether price recently rose 32% from below $1,200 to $1,580.

Cardano strongest climber crypto top 10

In the top 10, ripple (XRP) suffered the most last month. Still, XRP was able to rise nearly 18% from USD 0.338 to USD 0.395. Binance coin (BNB) already rose 27% in January from $244 to $310. Dogecoin (DOGE) is rising to $0.092 today, up 32% from $0.069 early this month.

Polygon (MATIC) grew a whopping 43% in January, from $0.75 to $1.09. Cardano (ADA) is the strongest riser from the top 10 in January 2023. The ADA price is currently around $0.37 and was still below $0.25 at the beginning of this month, an increase of more than 52%

Solana is up 140% in January

Still, just outside the top 10, we have another harder climber: solana (SOL). The market feared a month ago that it might be over for this crypto when the price dropped below $10. However, SOL is now at $24, an increase of no less than 140%

Aptos takes 375%, hardest climber crypto top 100

We have even more hard risers in the top 100 and this was the absolute top: Fantom (FTM) is also up 140%. Frax share (FXS) even increased by 145%. Decentraland (MANA) is already 148% in the plus.

Threshold is currently rising sharply and will already reach 220% in January. Gala (GALA) is just above that at 221%, but aptos (APT) was January’s big winner in the top 100. The APT price has been falling since its peak of $19.9, but stands with a price of $16 .5 still 375% up on 1 January.

Everscale is up nearly 600% in January

Finally, we take a quick look outside the top 100. That’s where we find everscale (EVER). EVER is up more than 80% today to $0.177. Everscale is up about 590% in January 2023.

However, keep in mind that things can get very exciting this week in the financial markets. We have a large series of macroeconomic events that can have a major impact on the direction of prices.

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