Home Business It’s Lava prepares its landing in Latin America

It’s Lava prepares its landing in Latin America

It's Lava prepares its landing in Latin America

It’s Lava Prepare your international jump. The handbag company plans to open a pop up store at the end of the year in Latin America with the aim of billing 1.8 million euros this 2023, double that of 2022, he explained to manners, Sara Baceiredo, founder of It’s Lava.

At the moment, the bag firm is looking for a location for the establishment, although, its founder explains to the aforementioned medium, They study landing in Colombia or Mexico: “Normally we do four pop ups a year because it is a way for our clients to get to know us and try the bags first hand”.

The company was born in 2019 but it was in 2021 when it began to operate completely normally and managed to reach a turnover of 600,000 euros, a figure that it exceeded in 2022 to reach 900,000 euros. “In 2022 we set ourselves the goal of reaching one million euros in sales, we have stayed at the gates, but we are on the right track by 2023 and we can reach 1.5 million euros”, underlines baceiredo.

It’s Lava manufactures all its products in Spain and distributes them through its ecommerce and marketplace Miravia: the online channel generates 95% of sales of the signature The company was founded with the idea of ​​creating handbags “practical, current and off-road” to accompany all women on a day-to-day basis. Currently, it has a team made up of six women.

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