Is Assisted Living The Best Option for You? Here’s How to Know

As people get older, their needs change, and they find that they need more help than they required in the past. Many turn to their family members, typically their children, to help with everyday tasks. However, this might not be feasible if your children lead very busy lives. Another option is senior living facilities. But how do you know moving to one would be the best decision? Here are some things to consider.

How Much Help Do You Need?

Everyone needs help to varying degrees, and things that used to come easy to use can become difficult as we grow older. Family and in-house help can fill the gap, but sometimes they are not enough. In such a case, assisted living is the best option.

These facilities have staff standing by to help seniors with everything they need. Some even have drivers who take seniors out for shopping and to their appointments so they can keep living full lives without requiring the help of family or in-house help.

Do You Feel Lonely or Isolated?

Social life is essential for our mental well-being. Being alone for prolonged periods can lead to isolation, loneliness, stress, and depression. If you do not have a community around you, the social aspect of living in an assisted living facility can be very beneficial.

As you consider the best-assisted living options for seniors in San Jose, CA, find out their range of social and recreational activities. Many have activities that allow seniors to come together and have a great time. Some even arrange special themed nights for their residents.

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Are You Worried About Your Safety?

If you have limited mobility, things that other people find easy such as getting out of bed or going down the stairs, can be very dangerous. Seniors are also at higher risk of falling, and there is always the risk of someone being unable to get up if they fall and the issue of not getting immediate help if you need it.

Another very serious concern is wandering which is common in seniors living with dementia and who live alone. Assisted and senior living facilities keep a close eye on their residents, so they do not endanger themselves by wandering off.

Do You Need Help Keeping Up With Your Medication?

If you are taking medications for more than one condition, you could be taking them at different times of the day, making things very confusing and forgetting to take them more likely. Assisted living facilities have nurses and other healthcare professionals available at all times to ensure you take all your medication correctly.

Do You Have a Hard Time With Everyday Tasks?

Some tasks, such as showering, eating, driving where you need to go, and dressing, can become more challenging as we age. If you find these tasks challenging, an assisted living facility could be right for you.

An assisted living facility is an excellent option for seniors who need help with everyday tasks and a community around them. Such facilities can significantly improve the life of a loved one, especially in cases where they do not have anyone around them to assist or be there for them.

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