Home Business Internal Taxes publishes compendium of tax regulations 1980-2022

Internal Taxes publishes compendium of tax regulations 1980-2022

Impuestos Internos publica compendio de normas tributarias 1980-2022

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) put into circulation the “Compilation and Update of General Standards”, which compiles and updates 192 tax regulations that cover from 1980 to October 2022, to facilitate the agile, efficient and easy management of taxpayer consultation processes.

He General Director of the DGII, Luis Valdez Verasaffirmed that the intention of compiling and condensing in a single document all the regulations in force and repealed until 2022 is to facilitate the management of the search and consultation processes of interested users,

“In the development of this compilation, we have found that the institution has issued 192 General Standards in the period from 1980 to October 2022, of which 109 are in force and 83 have been repealed, expired or are in disuse”, Valdez Veras explained in a ceremony held in the Salomé Ureña auditorium of the Central Bank.

noted that 2001, 2007 and 2011 were the periods with the highest number of General Standards issued by the DGII. While, between 1981 and 1992, no records were found on the issuance of some, however, there is a total of eight issued without physical or digital records, which were listed in the compilation. Of the package of regulations, 27 have been issued during this administration and of this group, 11 have been new.

“This compilation is part of the vision of facilitation of processes and procedures for the taxpayer that the DGII is undergoing today, tending to be a close and transparent administration, aware that the new challenges are not only in the framework of collection, but also in the direct relationship of the institution with each sector of national life”, said Valdez Veras.

The Legal Deputy Director of the DGII, Yorlin Vásquez, stated thatthe General Standards are a true regulatory instrument because they encompass the relevance, necessity and prudence of the economic and social criteria of the country.

“This compilation will promote voluntary compliance with tax obligations through information and persuasion of the taxpayer,” said Vásquez, who added that when issuing a general rule, due administrative process, the principle of certainty, security must be fully observed legal and hierarchy of provisions.

The compilation consists of two volumes and 1,740 pages in total. The document includes the substantial legal changes in terms of asset laundering, motor vehicles, Electronic Billing, the National Taxpayer Registry (RNC), exemptions for the agricultural sector, among others.


During the intervention, the head of the DGII also highlighted that the institution has made progress in some areas to facilitate and expedite services, such as:

  • Efficient Government Zero Bureaucracy Program.
  • Electronic billing.
  • Free Biller.
  • Launch of the DGII 360 Tax Education television program.
  • Publication of the list of Non-Financial Obligated Subjects.
  • Referral to the Executive Branch of the Draft Law for the modification of Title I Tax Code.
  • Presentation of the subject “tax education” to be incorporated into the curricular offer of universities.
  • Celebration for the second consecutive year of the “School Day of Tax Culture”.
  • Enabling of Provisional Electronic Plates.
  • Digital transformation.

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