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Infotep mechanics will present conversion from gasoline to electric vehicle

Mecánicos de Infotep presentarán conversión de vehículo de gasolina a eléctrico

“We are going to present the first fossil fuel, gasoline vehicle transformed into a fully electric vehicle, by young people who study mechanics and mechatronics at the National Institute for Professional Technical Training (Infotep)”, confirmed Rafael Santos Badía, director General of that institution.

During an interview on the television program “Matinal”, broadcast on Channel 5, the headline highlighted that the Dominican Republic can now transform all those vehicles that pollute the environment into electric cars.

“In five years we will have transformed mobility in the country,” added Santos Badía.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday, March 15, during the INNOVATEP fair, where 36 projects of great impact for the lives of Dominicans will be presented.

Also, at that fair, “robotic gloves” for rehabilitation body massages, “ecological mill” to crush plastic, “intelligent garbage monitoring system and intelligent traffic light” will be exhibited, to make the transit of emergency vehicles viable.

In addition, a “power amplifier” will be exhibited to make energy use more efficient, smart housing, an algorithm to measure health data in high-performance athletes, among other novelties.

According to the director of Infotep, President Luis Abinader will attend the activity in the company of international experts such as Álvaro Ramírez and Rodrigo Avendaño, from Costa Rica, Gonzalo Graña, from Uruguay and Javier Vallejo, from Spain.

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