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Ikea SYMFONISK: the new lamp that gives you music has arrived in Portugal

Since 2017, Ikea and Sonos, a specialist in audio equipment, have maintained an alliance that has been very productive in terms of results.

The latest is the new SYMFONISK lamp that will not only light your way, but will also play your favorite playlist. And it is already available both on the web and in physical stores in Portugal.

Ikea SYMFONISK offers compatibility with Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2

Image SYMFONISK lamp in a room

Ikea and audio equipment specialist Sonos have been working together since 2017 and the duo have created many innovative pieces of real estate. The most recent one has just arrived in Portugal and is already available, both in physical stores and on the national website of the Swedish brand.

We are talking about the new SYMFONISK lamp with an elegant black base and a bamboo lampshade that hides some surprises, such as a speaker and a Wi-Fi connection. These attributes allow you to play your favorite playlist, as well as bring a cozy lighting to the room where it is present.


The model supports Spotify Connect, which means that in practice users can stream music directly from the Spotify app to the lamp’s speaker, without any additional configuration.

It also offers support for Apple AirPlay2, allowing iOS users to stream their music to the lamp from an iPhone, iPad, or even Mac laptops.

But the new model of the SYMFONISK series has more surprises. It can be used on its own to provide a 180-degree audio experience, or combined with other models in this series, also equipped with speakers, to provide stereo sound.


To control an audio session played by one or more elements of the SYMFONISK family, users can use their smartphones or tablets to decrease or increase the sound, as well as move forward or backward in the playlist.

On the other hand, the new lamp can also be integrated into the Ikea smart home ecosystem, through the Dirigera hub. This will allow users to control the column built into the lamp via the Ikea Home Smart app.

The SYMFONISK lamp with a bamboo shade is already available on the brand’s Portuguese website, as well as in physical stores for a cost of 179 euros.

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