Home Business “Iberia will maintain connectivity with more than 100 destinations in Europe”

“Iberia will maintain connectivity with more than 100 destinations in Europe”

“Iberia  mantendrá la conectividad con más de 100 destinos de Europa”

With a broad smile and full of optimism, the CEO of the airline with the most important long-distance flights to the European market, Iberia, Javier Sánchez-Prieto, will pass this year.

“We are practically 5% above before the pandemic at a general level,” he said, and all destinations are already recovered. The demand continues to be robust, explained the CEO of Iberia Sánchez-Prieto.

“I am optimistic,” he added regarding the global macroeconomic forecasts indicated for this year 2023, when informing that the airline has among its plans to continue improving the planes, together with its gastronomic proposal, in addition to improving connectivity much more from the operations with Air Europa.

Iberia bought this March the shares of the airline division of the Globalia Group, Air Europa.

Iberia flies to 18 destinations in 16 countries.

Connection in Madrid

The airline Iberia has an agreement with the Community of Madrid, which is called Hola Madrid, through which travelers can make connections for one to six days in Madrid and continue connecting with more than 100 destinations in Europe.

He indicated that Dominicans can fly to Paris via Madrid and if they want they can spend a day or six in Madrid.

“We are a Spanish airline, but we have a Latin American soul,” said the CEO, emphasizing that the link with the territories is greater and therefore they always seek to maintain the services.

“There is no doubt that we want to continue in our destinations and specifically in Santo Domingo,” he said.

He stressed that if the possibility of “raising the caliber” arises, they will do so, given the relationship and vocation of offering these services. The CEO of Iberia stated that with the airline Dominicans and Europeans have guaranteed connectivity.

Iberia renewed its connectivity agreement at the last Fitur 2023 fair.

Sánchez-Prieto says he is optimistic, because the demand continues to grow.

He also explained that large companies such as Iberia have a more competitive and long-term proposal, where good offers can be obtained.

He said that there is something that is underestimated and that is that around 30% of the flights from Madrid and the Dominican Republic have a connection with a European flight. Sánchez Prieto visited the Listín Diario yesterday and returns to Madrid today after his participation in the 28th edition of the Summit of Heads of State and Government, attended by several foreign ministers and presidents and his Majesty, King Felipe VI, of Spain .

New plans

The CEO of Iberia revealed that between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025, the airline will launch its 321 XLR plane with a single aisle and that allows it to cross the Atlantic (England, Canada, the East Coast of the United States and some places in the North of Brazil). , and rearrange the flights. Iberia has been in Latin America for 75 years and, of these, 55 flying to the Dominican Republic. The CEO highlighted the good relations with the country “at all levels”, where he says he feels very grateful for the clients and the trust in the company.

Sánchez-Prieto recalled that with the pandemic the airline recovered connectivity very quickly and brought vaccines to the DR. Among his growth plans, he indicated that they are waiting for new aircraft. By the first quarter of 2024, the first of a total of 20 A350 aircraft will begin to be received, which will add four more aircraft, since 16 of the A340s will be replaced by 16 A350 aircraft.

“Spain has to serve as a bridge between Europe and Latin America,” he said.

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