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Hunter Schafer confirmed that he was in a relationship with Rosalía

What you need to know:

And after many rumors, Hunter Schafer revealed what many media outlets reported: he actually dated Rosalía herself for a while.

Even though many people deny it, we love gossip, even more so when it involves famous people or relevant celebrities. Therefore, we probably have your attention with what we are going to tell you, because it turns out that this is the case Hunter Schafer revealed and made public that he was dating none other than Rosalía…just like you read it.

In 2019 Several media specializing in international gossip revealed that the actress euphoria and the Spanish artist had a relationship Since a few months. Especially because they were seen buying furniture and spending a lot of time together. But after many rumors, both made it clear to the press that there was nothing but a tremendous friendship between them. But now we know there was something between the two that went beyond appreciation.

Hunter Schafer confirmed that he was in a relationship with Rosalía
Hunter Schafer and Rosalía with Dua Lipa at a Burberry event in September 2019/Photo: Getty Images

Hunter Schafer revealed in an interview that he was dating Rosalía

It turns out that Hunter Schafer is the cover photo of the Spanish version of GQ until April 2024, where he did an interview in addition to a very cool photo shoot. Of course they asked him about his projects, but of all the things he talked about, Rosalía obviously came up with the topic. And there he revealed that he actually had a relationship with “Motomami”..

Around, The 25-year-old actress said they dated for about five months between fall and winter 2019.. Schafer also explained that he made several trips to find out that the Catalan was feeling a romantic mood. But after talking about it, They both decided that they didn’t want feelings to separate them.

That’s why, before anything happened, I said that they had become very good friends.. Additionally, Hunter Schafer mentioned that he considers Rosalía herself to be one “Family, no matter what happens”.

Hunter Schafer/Photo: Getty Images

“There has been speculation (regarding his relationship with Rosalía) for a long time. Part of us just wants to get this over with, and then another part of us says, ‘It’s nobody’s business!'” At the end of the day, I’m happy to share that. And I think she feels that way too.’”, Hunter Schafer mentioned it, closing the topic completely.

After we were together, The Spanish artist was in a relationship with Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandrowith whom he broke up in 2023. Schafer dated Dominic Fike for a whilehis castmate euphoria, but they broke up the same year “Motomami” became single.

After dating Hunter Schafer, Rosalía dated Rauw Alejandro/Photo: Getty Images

How are you doing? Can you imagine that what started as a rumor in the gossip media is true? Definitely, the fact that Hunter Schafer actually had a relationship with Rosalía left us with a square eye, because it’s about two of the most important celebrities of recent times. However, it seems that the idea of ​​​​being friends was the best one, because it’s better to keep those special people than to lose them on a whim, don’t you think?

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