“Happiness at school”: a documentary on alternative educational methods to see on myCANAL on October 27

The school of tomorrow is already underway. In the documentary “Happiness at school”, to be discovered on Wednesday, October 27 at 9 p.m. on the Canal + Docs channel (and available on myCANAL), director Martin Meissonnier sets out to meet those who seek to reinvent transmission knowledge in the digital age.

At a time when digital technology is disrupting the world, schools must meet the new needs of students and the challenges they will have to face. Whether they are economic, social, or environmental. Rather than listing the potential dysfunctions of the current education system, the documentary “Happiness at school” went to the four corners of the world to report on the many projects that are being carried out there in order to adapt the school to changes. technologies, and thus involve students in their education through more stimulating educational tools. But also by giving pride of place to manual work, creativity, and initiative.

Beyond the documentary, Martin Meissonnier wishes to create in the process an open access platform – a project which calls on a collective financing – where teachers, parents and students will be able to make proposals, share their experiences and / or ideas, and dialogue in order to keep the school moving with the times.

The objective is multiple, starting by slowing down school dropout, but also combating addiction to screens by inculcating good digital practices at school, combating bullying at school, and putting the pleasure of learning back at the heart of teaching. Results that can be obtained by allowing children to be actors in the education system.

Happiness at school, documentary to be discovered on October 27 on Canal + Docs and myCANAL.

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