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Haiti, topic at the Caricom summit

Haití, tema en la cumbre del Caricom

Caribbean leaders are expected to discuss the chaos in Haiti at a meeting this week, and some of them are complaining about the flood of migrants fleeing poverty and violence in their countries.

The conclave of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) will begin on Wednesday in the Bahamas.

Some of the 15 members are proposing to bring Haitian political forces to neutral ground so that they reach an agreement on holding elections in the impoverished Caribbean country that has been stripped of all democratically elected institutions.

cessation of violence

However, the international community and local officials insist that no elections can be held in Haiti until the violence stops. The Haitian foreign minister, Jean Victor Généus, warned on Friday at a meeting of the Organization of American States that insecurity has increased and will spread to neighboring countries. “We absolutely must address this problem in Haiti because no other country in the Caribbean will be free from the repercussions,” Généus said.

The meeting will be hosted by Bahamian Prime Minister Philip Davis, who has persistently complained about the cost of repatriating thousands of Haitians and Cubans in the past year. He says that Caricom must help find a solution to the political, economic and security crisis in Haiti.

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