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Hack the Crypto Hunt: The Month of Cardano

Hack the Crypto Hunt: The Month of Cardano

PostNL’s new crypto adventure officially began today. After the huge success of their first NFT crypto stamp last year, PostNL has raised the bar even higher this time. With a new competition called “Hack the crypto chase”, PostNL is offering an opportunity that every crypto fanatic and collector should not miss. And now, after a long wait, the first clue about the game has been revealed.

The key to the coveted main prize, a gold crypto stamp set with 20 grams of pure gold worth over 1,100 euros, is a special password. The password, which acts as a simplified “private key,” consists of five different segments.

The distribution of letters for each segment is as follows:

xxxxx xxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx.

But that’s not all. The first clue suggests that the At the end of this password a specific month is specified. And not just any month, but the month in which Cardano (ADA), one of the most popular and fastest growing cryptocurrencies, in 2017 was started.

Cardano is now one of the largest crypto networks in the world. It was founded by Charles Hoskinson, also co-founder of ether (ETH) and the network is known for its scientific approach to blockchain technology and its extremely close community.

What now?

Now that we know the structure of the password and the meaning of Cardano, it is up to the participants to further decipher the clue. Be creative, do your research and, most importantly, pay attention to clues in the coming weeks. Whoever guesses the correct answer first will receive the exclusive gold crypto stamp with 20 grams of gold as a prize. Do you think you already know the answer to the competition? You can enter your full password below.

Remember that not only this golden crypto stamp is at stake, but also many other attractive prizes. You can also win 10 Crypto Insiders premium subscriptions, 5 of the new “NL Crypto Stamps 2”, 5 prizes worth 50 euros in crypto and 5 crypto books!

Don’t be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed by this cryptic clue. There are still three weeks left during which three more clues will be revealed. Each clue reveals a new piece of the puzzle, increasing your chances of success.

The first NL crypto stamp was a huge success and this new edition promises to be just as exciting. If you missed the chance to get an NFT crypto stamp the first time, this is your new chance to be part of PostNL’s crypto revolution.

Stay up to date on new developments, hints and other updates via Crypto Insiders and make sure you’re ready to hack, guess and win.

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