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Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3: Why the Master of Evolution would make a perfect variant of Kang

This is THE rumor of the last few days that has flourished on social networks. The fans of mcufaced with the various legal problems of Jonathan Majorswishes that this one withdraws definitively from its role of great antagonist kangappeared in Loki for the first time and glimpsed at greater length in the very bad Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. A name is put forward with insistence: Chukwudi Iwujiwho provided us with the excellent villain of High Evolutionary in the Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3. A character who haunted viewers with his cruelty to animals and his close bond he had with rocket.

In every way, the film’s antagonist is better than his counterpart introduced in Quantumania. An already futuristic and terrifying design which largely suggests that the character is indeed a variant of kang. But above all, the High Evolutionary denotes kang and other villains mcu in its overall attitude. Indeed, this one is not in a verbal logic of presentation. In the third Guardians of the Galaxy, you won’t get a long rant from the Evolutionary Master about his missions. In order to ” perfecting the universe“He is just ready to butcher animals and human beings for experimentation.

In Ant Man 3, kang imposed its supremacy on the characters of Scott and Cassie simply on one says“. ” did i ever kill you ? » ; ” Do you know how many revolutions I’ve put down, how many Avengers I’ve killed ? – Marvel magnifies the introduction of its flagship villain by basing all its power on things that we do not see and which would have had much more impact if it were seen, presented, treated on the screen. There is no doubt that the introduction of the character would have been more impactful if we would have seen him kill a Thor or one Captain America. Result, kang struggling to overcome Scott and his friends (or even fails) and is gently subdued by the last stand of ridicule MODOK.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3 © Marvel Studios
Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3 © Marvel Studios

THE High Evolutionary, he does what he says. He seeks perfection, we show it. We hate him for everything he does on screen, for experimenting with helpless animals, for his cruel and cold execution of Lyla the otter while openly having fun with rocket. Not content with being merely powerful, the character is a sadistic manipulator of the living who has no qualms about being mean and violent.

It is well within the reach of the bad guys Marvel the most iconic ones and could very easily make a variant of kang effective. The Guardians had a very hard time overcoming the supervillain despite the happy ending and this could be a great springboard to Victor Timely, slated to appear in Season 2 in October. Anyway, there is no doubt THE success of the last Blockbuster of the MCU.

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