Home Tech Google criticizes Apple for messaging service with RCS

Google criticizes Apple for messaging service with RCS

Google criticizes Apple for messaging service with RCS

It was during the opening lecture of the conference. Google I/O 2022 that the North American company left a direct “need” to the competitor Apple. For the research giant, the restrictions imposed by the iPhone manufacturer are meaningless in 2022, especially given the advantages provided by the RCS (Rich Communication Service) format.

We remind you that the RCS format has replaced, or rather increased, the capabilities of traditional SMS, traditional text messages. In practice, equating messages with communications made on platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, among others.

Google highlights the 500 million users of the RCS platform

Google mentioned, during the fundamental opening of I/O 2022 that there are currently more than 500 million active users of the RCS messaging platform. A protocol to which Apple continues to refuse to adhere, maintaining the exclusivity of its iMessage messaging service.

It should be noted that thanks to RCS, “typical” SMS can benefit from end-to-end encryption, animated features, audio files, images, as well as other features found in popular instant communication and messaging applications, such as already mentioned Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

Apple continues to rely on the iMessage service on its iPhone and iPad

It’s your 💬s. So let’s keep them private. messages by @Google ensures your privacy with full end-to-end encryption. Another example of how RCS offers better and more secure messaging.

—Android (@Android) May 11, 2022

Google did not spare Apple criticism during the presentation of the capabilities of the RCS standard, fully integrated into Android 13, another of the main novelties of the opening day. There, the search giant pointed the finger at Apple for its stubbornness in rejecting this advantageous pattern for users.

Note that until now Apple has insisted on not replacing the traditional SMS on its Apple iPhone and iPad with the RCS standard, which is already very fashionable in the United States of America and also in Europe. Instead, the Cupertino giant continues to “push” its users to the iMessage service, exclusive to its platforms.

In this way, iPhone users end up losing functionality when communicating with Android users through traditional text messages, SMS. Something that, however, should not change in the near future. the fragment can be seen here on youtube.



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