Home Business Global interest in bitcoin and crypto reaches new lows

Global interest in bitcoin and crypto reaches new lows

Global interest in bitcoin and crypto reaches new lows

Although the prices of many crypto are already a lot higher than last winter, another metric has reached a new low. This is the global interest in crypto on Google. Online interest is also very low in the Netherlands. This is according to data from Google Trends on May 26.

Interest in crypto very low

The current global rating is less than 10. This means that very few people are currently searching for crypto and crypto-related things on Google. These numbers are consistent with December 2020 numbers, before the previous bull run began. On the first peak of the bull run, the metric reached a score of 100.

Since then, interest on the internet has not reached the same heights. Even then Bitcoin (BTC) all time high reached in November 2021, the score on Google hovered around 40. Then interest continued to fall until last November’s FTX drama. Then online interest experienced a small revival again, but certainly not in a positive light.

The Netherlands quite neatly follows the global trend. This is how the trend shows here a score of 12, slightly above the global average. In countries such as the United States, Great Britain and India, crypto lives a little more. They achieve scores of 26, 27 and 32 respectively. But there is one country that stands head and shoulders above the rest: Nigeria, with a score of 100.

Nigeria and Singapore lead the way

Crypto has long been very popular in the West African country. Many Nigerians are turning to crypto because of the country’s financial turmoil. The country also recently introduced an extensive blockchain policy. This policy should give the country’s blockchain sector a boost.

Singapore is number two with a score of 49. The Southeast Asian city-state has long been a crypto hub. Singapore has clear crypto legislation, and it was recently revealed that more than half of Singapore’s affluent residents invest in crypto.

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