Home Business Fourvenues captures €6.5M of investment and looks to Europe

Fourvenues captures €6.5M of investment and looks to Europe

Fourvenues captures €6.5M of investment and looks to Europe

fourvenuesa company that offers comprehensive management software for the nightlife industry, has just closed an investment round of €6.5 million led by the US fund Base 10, based in Silicon Valley and joined by Angels, Juan Roig’s investment company, which already bet on the company in its previous round. ZBG (Netherlands), FJ Labs (USA) and Felipe Navío and Juan Urdiales, founders of Jobandtalent, a company that closed 2022 with a turnover of 2,000 million euros, also participate.

Fourvenues, an essential tool for nightlife

Fourvenues has digitized the nightlife industry, integrating Multiple functionalities for managing a business on the same platform with the aim that, beyond convenience, stores can manage all their services without any data being left behind, which directly influences their productivity and profitability.

Through its software, everything related to an event is organized, such as guest lists, tickets, reservations or even the management of public relations teams. with the platform, businessmen are aware of everything that happens at the event in real timeand once finished, all the data collected allows them to get to know their customers better, as well as the possibility of communicating with them through marketing campaigns.

Fourvenues strengthens its expansion and growth

When the 6.5 million investment was raised, Alberto Centeno, CEO of Fourvenuesassures: “We are very happy to have the support of BASE 10, a benchmark fund in the United States, as a partner in our mission to professionalize the future of nightlife by creating a global technological solution for the sector. I also want to thank Angels for investing in us again, which shows their interest in the project. In the same way, having funds such as FJ Labs or ZGB is a great support when becoming strategic partners for our international expansion, which has become a main objective.”.

We are already present in several countries, and we want a relevant percentage of the 2023 turnover to come from the international market”, he emphasizes. “This round marks a turning point. It will help us take a leap in the evolution of all strategic areas and will allow us to accelerate the growth of the company“, Add.

We invest again in Fourvenues due to the leadership of Alberto at the head of the company. He has managed to solve real needs in the nightlife sector, which has allowed them to experience remarkable growth rates, and on a global scale.“, Explain Pepe Peris, CEO of Angels.

On behalf of Base10, its managing partner Adeyemi Ajao declares that “Fourvenues has managed to develop leading software for nightlife and the world of events. We are excited to support the Fourvenues team as they continue their exceptional growth in this exciting vertical.”.

Fourvenues, which closed 2022 with a turnover of 35 million euros, it plans to reach 90 workers by the end of this year. In addition, they will continue to focus on enhancing that DNA “All in one” so that all the tools that businesses need to carry out their daily work are included in a single platform. New features will arrive soon, such as “fourvenues BNK”, a payment solution for stores, custom financing, and a plan to expedite payments and collections with suppliers and employees. In addition to this, Fourvenues is already working on the launch of different products that offer greater value and utility to the nightlife industry.

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