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Ferrari signs Leclerc as a partner without notifying Carlos Sainz: he is out

Those from Maranello move chips to configure the team of the future and reach an agreement with other pilots

Since a long time ago, comments were heard about the departure of Carlos Sainz of Ferrari and now this seems to be a reality. In addition, it has been known by important voices that the Italian team has everything ready to make the most important signings of the season with excellent drivers.

This information was transmitted by the British journalist, Joe Saward, who stated that the driver, Lando Norris, now at McLaren, has signed a pre-contract with Ferrari. In addition to the fact that Mercedes is interested in signing Charles Leclerc and without a doubt, this would affect the Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz, in many ways.

carlos sainz ferrari
Ferrari has Sainz’s replacement ready

The early departure of Carlos Sainz from Ferrari puts the Spaniard thinking about upcoming projects

With this, it might appear that Norris would arrive at Ferrari to replace LeclercAlthough other information says no, that Norris would take over from Carlos Sainz. At that time, Audi will enter the Formula 1 circus, with a very powerful project, and it wants Sainz to be its star driver.

Neither Leclerc nor Sainz are achieving the expected results, in addition to contributing very little when it comes to evolving the single-seaters. Ferrari, then, is open to giving an outlet to both, with preference for Carlos Sainz to leave. Even so, if Mercedes bets heavily on Leclerc, the door will open for them.

Hamilton would be one of the most liked drivers among ‎Frédéric Vasseur’s team

Ferrari’s idea is to unite a veteran driver with another with a longer journey. The first option is Lewis Hamilton, who has not yet renewed his contract with Mercedes and who has already stated in public that He does not intend to continue driving a car that is not competitive, he only wants to fight to win races.

Without a doubt, the British driver would be a fundamental piece to improve the car, thanks to his experience. For the second profile the name of Lando Norris appears, although Ferrari It is not going to wait until Carlos Sainz goes to Audi, until 2026. For now, wait who finally makes it to the Italian team.

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