Fashion: home runs to finish

It is common in the Major Leagues, for a long time, is that a close game on the scoreboard ends with a home run. That happens because at that level of baseball power hitters abound and that includes the weak part of the lineup, 6th. onwards. In Lidom it has not been like that.

The situation, however, has improved in recent times and this weekend we had the occurrence of three consecutive dates in which it happened (I think the first time in history).

Sergio Alcántara did it first when he hit a solo home run on Friday night in a game that was even with one run, it was the tenth inning and Licey beat the Eagles 2 for 1. The play was full, with the limitation of 70% of the Covid … and one more chin.

On Saturday, in the ninth, Juan Francisco did the same, again against the Eagles. It was a game of home runs: the Giants had scored their two runs by solo homers by Marcell Ozuna and José Siri, but in the ninth, two outs, the star Juan Minaya acting, the emerging Venezuelan Danry Vasquez, hit him tremendously for the center field tying the actions. But at the end of the inning came another home run by Juan Francisco, the league’s all-time leader with 81 in the regular series.

This Sunday, entering the 9th. the Giants led 4-for-3, right-hander Kevin Kaussmal to the mound, two outs, men at third and first. Sandber Pimentel, who had entered two innings before, hit him long through the right field and the green victory was by way of 6-4. Pimentel is a 27-year-old minor league veteran who remembers Big Papi’s physique in his early days. This one is 6 feet, 3 inches too.

HOT: The Eagles, in Santiago, were able to stop a 4-loss streak and beat Licey 4-1. They had to use many pitchers because the first two, the Mexican Francisco Ríos and Arturo López, were weak. However, Licey only did one lap in the first and nothing else.

On the 7th. Luis Valenzuela drove in one with a double and another double by Erick Filia drove in two more, and that’s how things remained. The Giants remain at 8-3, Licey and Estrellas at 5-6, the Eagles at 4-7, very close. There is still a lot of mambo to go.

A LITTLE MORE: In the Stars, manager Fernando Tatis has been absent due to the Covid problem and in his place has directed his assistant, Puerto Rican Pedro López .. He has already had experience of directing the Giants and Licey in Lidom…. The Giants have control in their Julián Javier stadium with 6-0 and on the road they now present 2-3 … César Valdez, the right-wing of Licey, was supposed to launch yesterday in Santiago, but the Covid took him out of circulation … Simple protocol, not that he has Covid because the team has not announced it … In the round robin, Valdez is 1-0 with a 2.03 ERA with 13.1 innings, 10 hits, one run, 3 walks and 13 strikeouts … I imagine they will be waiting for test results … Ramón Torres, Juan Lagares and Eric Filia should be the key to the Aguilucha offensive for the remainder of this week … This Monday, “Chinese Day of the Magi”, the Eagles receive the Giants, the Stars visit the Licey … The Eagles were filled with Mexicans, because Ángel Ovalles has a direct connection there … The greens yesterday had Wei Chien Wang, from Taiwan, who quickly adapts to the league … Jeremy Peña was absent too, but this Sunday he was pinch-running … Kyle Martin, the n uevo reinforcement of the Licey, it has been in action since Saturday and it has not gone well at all … Maybe it came cold, so we have to give it a chance….

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OF INTEREST: Judge Yeni Berenice brought luck to the Eagles. She made the throw of the first ball and was accompanied by the “other hard”, Wilson Camacho. Those are the people of the Pulpo, Medusa, Calamares and all the devils of this country… Osvaldo Virgil was also in the Cibao park, glory of Dominican baseball…. On Saturday a rebú was armed in a line buying tickets at the Julián Javier stadium … That is common in this country, because this nation has been filled with violent people, without education and, naturally, all armed to the teeth, be it with knives or pistols … Few things happen here … Don’t forget the case of Mr. Villalona, ​​Bani, and the girl.

INDISCIPLINE: Attention managers and managers of Lidom. Pay attention to the way he runs from home to first … The reluctance and disinterest affects many and that is more than evident. Why?

UNDERDEVELOPMENT: On the 28th of this month the Caribbean Series is inaugurated and I see around here that they are promising new lights (led) before the start … And why weren’t they mounted three months ago? It is not easy to get out of underdevelopment … Not easy. Lack of planning and improvisation are always present.


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