Home Business Every day, 130,000 new unique addresses join the Ethereum network

Every day, 130,000 new unique addresses join the Ethereum network

Every day, 130,000 new unique addresses join the Ethereum network

The Ethereum (ETH) network is having a good year so far in 2023. Since the beginning of the year, an average of about 130,000 new and unique addresses have been added to the ETH network.

More than 221 million unique addresses

Finbold has collected data on this. This analysis showed that an average of 129,869 unique addresses have been added per day since 2023. As a result, 3,766,229 addresses have been added to the ETH network since January 1 to January 29.

In addition, the number of unique Ethereum addresses has reached an all-time high of 221 million. In the past six months, the statistics have brought growth of almost 10%.

Gradual increase in activity on ETH network

As the crypto market picks up again, activity on the blockchains and crypto markets is also increasing. This, in turn, drives demand for an asset like Ethereum. The ETH network therefore sees a gradual increase in the number of actions performed on their network.

This also ensures that more and more users come to the network. It was also observed that the usage of the network in terms of addresses has also increased significantly. Over the weekend, Primexbt hit a new all-time high of 92.5 million addresses. This was confirmed on Twitter.

Upgrade Network

Also, another major upgrade is coming to Ethereum’s network, in the form of its Shanghai update. It will be launched sometime in March of 2023. Key points of this update are the reduction of gas costs for Layer 2 solutions and the acceleration of the entire network.

Finally, it has been found that the number of transactions executed via the ETH network has remained relatively constant every day. This is relatively constant at 1 million, which means that network activity has not decreased in the past 3 months. It is expected that this will be higher after the update, but that is currently speculation.

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