Home Entertainment “Even if I die one day, I won’t visit her.”

“Even if I die one day, I won’t visit her.”

“Even if I die one day, I won’t visit her.”

The Dhaka heroine is now starring in a film set in West Bengal, India. Although this incident has happened to many people, it is the first time in the period of Pari Moni. Now he is acting in a film called Phelubaksi. There he met Anandthe market the newspaper.

He said a lot there. A lot from work to family.

In conversation he also called himself “Beyadab”. Pari gave a clear answer to all the controversies.

When asked about the journey of being a single mother, Pari said, “I am enjoying this journey very much.” I think I can raise my son very well on my own. If the relationship had existed, there would have been more obstacles to his growing up. My son actually understands me and listens to me.

Very mixed.’

Pari says about his activities: “Actually, people misunderstand me.” Whatever is written about me, I myself am confused, it is not a fairy! I get so much strange information about myself that I wonder what it says about me? Furthermore, there are misconceptions about me. That means I’m a shooting sports fan. It is said about her private life: Pari Moni has many lovers, many sons-in-law.

But I want to know where are they? I think there is a need to talk more about controversial topics. “I have spoken to my lawyer, I will identify those who make false statements about me and take legal action.”

Not only that, but recently angry with Bubli? Pari replied, “No, I wasn’t angry at all.” Everyone has a different way of expressing emotions. The controversy started with the video. I gave a video as a gift for my son’s birthday. And the video was an expression of my feelings. His son is four years old, it didn’t seem like that many years to him! When I received the news that I was pregnant, the audience found out within three minutes. I didn’t suddenly show up with a “baby bump.” My feelings don’t come suddenly. I think he could have done something different. He must have a nice trip. Or he could have said: This guy is straightforward and inspired from there. Without doing that, my neck is like a hold, why did I say! Hear, he’s educated! As an educated person you have done something and fight for it! It’s not nice.’

At this time Apu BiswasPari said, “No, actually Apudi isn’t there.” We didn’t talk for three months. with me Apu Biswas, which I also have with ten other heroines. There is no other reason.’

At the end of the interview, Pari was asked about her ex-husband Shariful Raj. It says, are you thinking about giving Shariful another chance? Pari replied, “I don’t want to mention the name.” So much hate for him. Even if I die one day, I won’t visit her. The man I had died before. In fact, the man is dead to me.’

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