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European Handball Championship 2022: matches, schedule and semi-final results

Imagen del trofeo del Campeonato de Europa de Balonmano 2022.

Spain is still alive in the European men’s handball, and the fact is that the Hispanics are already in the semifinals after fighting as usual. Just having been defeated by Norway, Ribera’s men are only two wins away from achieving the third consecutive championship. Next, we break down the calendar, the semifinals, schedules…

semi-final matchups

After Norway’s loss to Sweden, Spain is officially first in group 2. Their rival will be second in group 1, whose teams will finish all their matches this Wednesday. Denmark, Finland and Iceland are the three candidates to face the Hispanics.

The first of group 1 will face the second of group 2, while the leader of this group (Spain) will play against the second classified of group 1.


The two semifinals will be played next Friday, January 28. The schedules of each match are pending to be decided, but it is known that a semifinal will be at 6:00 p.m. and another will be at 8:30 p.m. in Spain.

This is the schedule of what remains ahead of the tournament:

Wednesday, January 26, last matches of group 1

Thursday, January 27, rest day

Friday January 28

5th and 6th place, 15:30 | 3rd MR 1 – 3rd MR 2 by the

semi-final 118:00

semi-final 28:30 p.m.

Saturday, January 29, rest day

Sunday January 30

3rd and 4th place, 15:30 | Loser S1 – Loser S2

Final, 18:00 | Winner S1 – Winner S2



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