Euler Finance hacker starts returning stolen Ethereum anyway

To date, the recent attack on Euler Finance, which stole $197 million, is considered to be the biggest decentralized finance (DeFi) hack in 2023. But it is not yet certain whether this money will stay away for long, as the hacker is said to be from plans to change its strategy.

About 3,000 Ethereum returned

On March 18, approximately 3,000 Ethereum (worth approximately $5.4 million) was returned to the crypto address of the Euler Finance implementer from the address of the Euler Finance hacker. PeckShield, a blockchain researcher, has 3 transactions identified used to transfer the money.

However, the chance that the hacker will return the entire $197 million loot seems small at the moment. On March 16, Euler Finance has a reward of $1 million announced for tracking down the hacker and recovering the stolen money.

Nearly $200 million was stolen

Through multiple transactions, the cyber attacker managed to steal $197 million and then used a multichain bridge to transfer the funds from the Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum.

Shortly after a $1 million reward was announced for the hacker’s capture, the stolen funds were moved to the crypto mixer Tornado Cash. With this, the hacker seemed to seize his chances.

Euler Finance previously demanded that the hacker return 90% of the money within 24 hours to avoid possible jail time. However, it is unknown what the status of this is now that a small part has been returned. It is expected that the team is in full talks with the hacker and is trying to get back as much of it as possible.

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