Home Sports Engidi made Pujara a victim again, the 4-year history repeats itself

Engidi made Pujara a victim again, the 4-year history repeats itself

Engidi made Pujara a victim again, the 4-year history repeats itself

India vs South Africa Cheteshwar Pujara Ducks Lungi Ngidi Centurion Test: The first match of the Test series between India and South Africa will be played from December 26th. India won the toss and decided to hit first. During this, Lokesh Rahul and Mayank Agarwal gave the India team a good start, there was a century-long partnership between the two players. During this, Mayank fell victim to Lungi Engidi’s ball after scoring 60 runs and returned to the pavilion after leaving. After this, Cheteshwar Pujara reached the fold. Pujara played the same ball and ran out of the ball. He had to return to the ward without opening an account. In this game played at Centurion, a four-year connection was repeated.

In fact, in the year 2017-18, Team India toured South Africa. During this, a series of three test matches was played between the two teams. The second trial in this series was played on Centurion. In this match, Pujara ran out of the ball on Lungi Engidi’s first ball. With this he returned to the ward without opening the account. Now, once again, a similar vision was seen in the 2021-22 series. Pujara was fired without opening an account in the first innings of the test match that began on December 26. Engidi was also very involved in this. He is caught by Engidi’s ball. In this way the connection of the four-year-old Centurion, Pujara, and Engidi was repeated.

It is worth noting that Cheteshwar Pujara is one of Team India’s legendary test players. But if we are talking about going out with zero without opening an account, then you have come out with zero without opening an account on Test cricket a total of 11 times. Former West Indies cricketer Courtney Walsh has been at number one for the most layoffs with zero in test cricket. He has left without opening an account a total of 43 times. Ishant Sharma from the India team is number 5 on this matter. He’s been fired like this 34 times.


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